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Baltimore | May 20 2011
We are extremely pleased with the effectiveness and immediate results from our training. We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who wants their dog to behave better, but who may think that there's nothing that can be done. That kind of thinking is completely wrong, since it's almost too easy when you understand and apply the simple principles. Our pit bull was very energetic and always needed a walk to calm down. When he did walk he was sometimes overpowering, especially for my pregnant wife. He also was clingy and anxious. He whined all day long. He always needed to be on the furniture and bed to be comfortable. He had stopped eating in his food and instead would eat a lot of grass which made him sick. The new way of communicating with our dog was easily learned. We were well on our way in just one day. The results were dramatic and immediate as seen by us and everyone else. In the first day we had almost all the results we wanted. Also, we learned how to provide better nutrition for the health and happiness of our dog. Our dog has gotten better overall direction from us. He has, therefore, become less anxious and so much better behaved. He was always a smart dog inside, but his intelligence needed to be directed in the right way. We also feel secure that our lifetime plan makes available training or problem solving if needed in the future. We feel that's especially important when our baby comes in a few months. Thanks a lot for taking the time to understand and give us the solution needed for our dog. We feel and know that our dog/owner relationship will be strengthened and enriched forever. Permalink
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Westland | May 20 2011
I was pleased with the natural training. I have worked in the veterinary field for over 10 years and Maril taught me several new training techniques. Maril used several different examples to help explain the different training techniques. We were so surprised that the corrections worked so well and immediately! Maril was very friendly and out-going. She listened to our concerns and addressed all of them. We will recommend Bark Busters - So many people don't understand the "basics" regarding dog body language and Maril really helped break it down and explained it. Having 3 dogs (one being a severely abused fearful and aggressive Pit Bull) can be very stressful at times. With Maril's training techniques I feel more confident and can't wait to implement everything to have better control of our "pack". Permalink
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Crestwood | May 20 2011
Absolutely remarkable! Money well spent; I can't believe the results! I can't imagine a better dog training program--thanks, Doug. Permalink
West Ashley | May 19 2011
Fascinating! Maddie's behavior improved dramatically after only one session with James. I would definitely recommend them! Permalink
Tampa | May 19 2011
Results by the end of the training session were beyond my expectations! I felt very comfortable with Jeff and Cathy from the beginning and that was extremely important to me. Princess felt the same. Permalink
Denver | May 19 2011
Absolutely amazing results by the end of the first training session. The Bark Buster's training were the BEST I have ever been exposed to. I already have recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Excellent and enjoyable training! Permalink
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Naples | May 19 2011
June and Colin did more in a few hours than we thought possible. Excellent. Permalink
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Palm Coast | May 19 2011
Linda gave a very clear explanation. My dog responded quickly to the commands. We are finally off the constant treat reward for training! Linda is excellent, very patient with me, keeping me understanding Bailey and help him to be a better dog. I recommend Bark Busters to anyone who needs help with their pet, but I recommend Linda Conrad to everyone I can. She's exceptional, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Permalink
Corona | May 18 2011
My husband and I own a 4-month-old Vizsla and were at our wits end with his aggressive snapping, incessant attention-seeking barking, and overall nasty teenage-like behavior whenever we would try and correct him. Being bred from a highly intelligent breed line, we knew that both our Vizsla and us were going to need training in order to have a happy and healthy relationship. Thus, on our own, my husband and I started obedience training early with him and by 3 ½ months he knew most all commands such as sit, stay, lay, wait, drop-it, etc. The real problem wasn't his obedience training, but his behavioral training. We had tried every positive reinforcement disciplinary tactic you could imagine when we finally went in search of a trainer to help us. However, each trainer that we took him to said that they recommended kenneling him for a minimum of 4 weeks at their facility so they could retrain him from the ground up. My husband and I were not fond of this idea as he was already very well obedience trained. Plus, we figured that it was a situation where our puppy just didn't respect us as the pack leader. Therefore, we felt that we needed someone to show us how to be an appropriate pack leader for our puppy while we were around. What's the point of sending him somewhere to respect someone else when the issue clearly lies with my husband and I? Yes, yes, they said that they would train us to be "the pack leader" after his 4 weeks were finished, but then my question was, why does he need to go away for 4 weeks if you've already admitted that he is very well obedience trained and it's a pack leader issue? Needless to say we kept looking for different trainers and on the recommendation of our vet, we stumbled across Wendy with Bark Busters. Wendy has been WONDERFUL to say the very least. The first day out, our puppy was a COMPLETELY different dog. He immediately started respecting my husband and I and we both actually made the comment that same night that "this is the best day we had ever had with our dog." The training techniques are easy to implement and the lifetime guarantee is priceless. With that said, we're still in the 5 week training session period and from time to time (and I'm sure for the rest of his life) he tests my husband and I to see if we really are the pack leaders. But if there is ever a problem or we feel that he is getting out of control, Wendy is always back at our house to reinforce the training that she initially taught us. Overall, my husband and I knew that the real issues were with us, so I guess we've really just been paying for us to get trained! :-) With that said, whether Wendy's training dogs or humans, she's wonderful and you will see results! Permalink
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Trooper | May 18 2011
Very short commands are easy to remember. Each time Jeri leaves I notice more and more changes. I hate to hear about animal abuse so I'm glad Bark Busters doesn't harm the animals. I've told everyone I know about Bark Busters! I'm very happy with my experience. Jeri is very quick to respond and very knowledgeable about dogs and their behavior! Permalink