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Fort Myers | February 22 2012
The training was easy to understand and Patrick was very friendly and patient. My bulldogs came to me a month apart, both with their own behavioral issues. They were food and toy possessive, aggressive towards each other and other dogs needless to say, I had my hands full. Once all of their health issues were taken care of I called Bark Busters at the recommendation of my vet. Patrick was very flexible with his appointments and scheduling and showed up exactly on time. He was patient amidst the chaos that ensued upon his arrival as well. Within 15 minutes, the dogs started fighting and Patrick was able to stop them. He was at my home for about two hours and the change in my bullies was amazing. Even after a couple of days, it is like I have two new dogs. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone I know. Permalink
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Sanibel | February 22 2012
Their (Bark Busters) approach makes sense and seemed to have an immediate effect on my dog. Permalink
Urbandale | February 22 2012
Henry is doing very well! I talked with my neighbor and he said that he hasn't heard a sound from him in weeks! I don't have to use the Thundershirt when he's in the kennel anymore and I don't have to pick him up and put him in the kennel. He has no problem going in on his own. I've actually caught him going in there on his own when I'm getting ready for work. He is much calmer when I come home and he's doing very well with the no jumping on me. He's understanding that he doesn't get things when he wants them, but when I'm ready to give them to him. He's started taking bones or toys out of his kennel when I'm busy with something and chewing on those for awhile instead of just following me around. I've even caught him with some cat toys! Next I would like to work on walking outside with him. He does fairly decent but if we pass someone or he sees someone or another dog he gets all worked up. Thanks so much for your help! Permalink
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Naples | February 22 2012
We were surprised how quickly our dog and we learned from the instructions. June and Colin were very professional and friendly. Permalink
Troy | February 21 2012
CAN'T BELIEVE HOW EFFECTIVE! Immediate reaction! Instructor was always encouraging to me [and] had follow-up call to see how I was doing with my dog. Permalink
Birmingham | February 21 2012
Lisa has been so helpful in training our puppy. We noticed changes INSTANTLY! Permalink
Royal Oak | February 21 2012
Maril did an excellent job of explaining. . . I enjoyed the non-physical corrective techniques. It was definitely interesting. We learned a lot about the way a dog thinks. Permalink
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Schaumburg | February 20 2012
Chris outlined everything before we started and answered all our questions. We were able to do things with our puppy that we were having trouble with and she responded to the new techniques. We were unable to discipline our puppy and she gave us the best way to do so. We found the training experience very much enjoyable. Chris was very kind and explained everything really well. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Christine was excellent and we wish we had called sooner. Permalink
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Wake Forest | February 20 2012
The techniques were very easy to follow and really seemed to work during the first training appointment and we were surprised how well they worked without having to use treats to encourage good behavior. We were amazed at how well the "BAH" sound worked and also the methods for training outside. Overall, we are very pleased with the Bark Busters. Sonja was great to work with and provided us some wonderful techniques that work well. Permalink
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Raleigh | February 20 2012
Loved the training experience; Sonja has a great personality for this type of work and she is very patient and knowledgeable. Response to commands was better right away and less stressful for me and Molly. This training is an important part of my relationship with my dog Molly. I have already recommended Sonja to friends and neighbors! Permalink