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Madison | July 19 2012
We adopted a very troublesome 7 month old beagle who needed a lot of training and guidance. Within four days of having him, we knew we needed professional help as soon as possible. I called Greg from Bark Busters, and luckily he had an opening at the end of the same week. Unfortunately, the end of the week could not come fast enough, so I called Greg and he thankfully gave me training tips over the phone to help us through the next couple of days. Once Greg came, and we implemented the training techniques, our dog's behavior dramatically improved. We were very impressed. However, this dog proved to be a very stubborn beagle that needed extra attention. Greg was gracious enough to give us extra visits to help us with our pup. We are forever thankful for Greg's help and dedication. Throughout the difficult training period, he was very accessible and empathetic to our situation and would always call to follow-up and ask about the behavior issues. Should we ever have a behavior problem with another dog, Greg will be the first we call! Permalink
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Edmound B Albuquerque, New Mexico | July 19 2012
It's been a week. Sam and I met 3 dogs about her size today and she was fine with them! No growling! Very satisfied. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Recall
Trainer note from James & Lorie : Samantha is an older rescued German Shepherd with health and anxiety issues.Had bad experiences with other dogs which causes her to mistrust and react defensively aggressive. Trust issues with owner due to experiences with previous owners. Client has done an excellent job implementing Bark Busters methods.
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Pleasant Hill | July 18 2012
The barking was driving us nuts! Thanks to Deb, we've seen a huge improvement. Gracie not only barks less but she is much calmer and well behaved! We can now walk Gracie rather than Gracie walking us!! Permalink
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Naples | July 17 2012
Taking the time to speak with us first about the methods that would be used was a great help. Walking was an issue, and he had already made improvements by the end of the first session. I am very glad that scare techniques are not used so my dog does not become afraid. I learned more in that time than in any other trainings we have tried to do. I found the results very valuable to both me and my dog, and the instant results were wonderful! I am thrilled after just the first session and am excited to continue. Permalink
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Marco Island | July 17 2012
We did not expect to see the excellent results we saw after just the first visit. Our dogs are barking less and listening better. Permalink
Belvedere-Tiburon | July 17 2012
We brought home a little rescue puppy, who came with such a bad rep that she was kicked out of the Humane Society program with San Quentin! Apparently she tried to nip the nose off an inmate. After a relaxing couple of hours with our trainer, Karen, our unsocialized little pup was paying attention, sitting calmly, and even walking on a leash. And all of this without having to use treats. I highly recommend Karen and the Bark Busters' training approach. Permalink
Minooka | July 16 2012
The presentation of the training techniques was easy to understand and interesting. With the results we have seen, I have to tell everyone about Bark Busters. John, thank you so much. Rusty is getting so much better and so are Mark and I. Permalink
Joliet | July 16 2012
Our trainer was very thorough in the explanation of the training techniques. The results were amazing! Thanks, John! We were happy that treats were not involved in the process, just positive praise and correction. John was very personable and polite. He was great with the humans and the dog. I will definitely talk it up to my dog friends. We are glad we chose Bark Busters. The home training was personalized and all the "homework" will help us train our dog well. Permalink
Shorewood | July 16 2012
The training methods were easy to follow and understand. It was interesting to know the behavior of dogs and why they do what they do. We observed noticeable results right away. Our dog walked well on a leash very quickly. We were pleased with Bark Busters natural methods and that our puppy responds to vocal commands without a treat. We are pleased with how quickly our six month old puppy has learned. She walks without pulling, she retrieves the paper and obeys our verbal commands. Permalink
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Channahon | July 16 2012
John was very detailed in explaining and teaching us how to train our dogs. He also was very friendly in training us. Mya and Oliver responded very well and were on their best behavior by the end of the session. Radar did well, but was a bit difficult from time to time and needs more work. We were amazed at how much of a response was received from all the dogs with nothing more than voice commands. The first session ran a little longer than we expected, but was jam packed with good information. This was by far the best training ever received for our dogs. We would gladly refer John's services to others. We were very pleased with our first session and will undoubtedly set up more down the road as we advance. Permalink