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Dallas | March 16 2012
The philosophy of "pack-leader" is absolutely crucial & I am so pleased at the way Mrs. Jones was able to teach me that. Permalink
Dunnellon | March 15 2012
It was obvious that Laura really cares about Hannah and her success. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | March 14 2012
It was quick, fast and no nonsense. Permalink
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Naples | March 14 2012
The explanations were clear and easy to follow. Leash training results in 20 minutes, this is amazing. We are so glad there were not lists of commands to remember. Bark Busters provides simple techniques that my dog and I both understand. The training experience opened my eyes to mistakes that I was making and did not realize. The results were instantly noticeable and the method was easy to understand. Patrick, our trainer, took the time to clearly explain the cause and effect of behavior and gave wonderful advice on correcting the issues. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | March 14 2012
We absolutely saw results with our two dogs, a Miniature Pinscher and an American Eskimo, within one, two hour lesson. Patrick is very friendly and knowledgeable. Permalink
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Naples | March 14 2012
Colin and June were fabulous. A lot of improvement in no barking, not jumping up and much better outdoor behavior with other dogs and moving vehicles. Colin and June were very professional, engaging and made sure we understood our role in a very nice way. Permalink
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Parker | March 13 2012
Pete's explanations and descriptions made so much sense and his instructions were so easy to follow. My husband was skeptical and thought he was not tameable, but I had hope because he hasn't always been this aggressive. I am shocked at how quickly Bishop has responded to instruction. I am so ready for some training. Attempted to take him to the dog park last weekend (with leash)and he was looking to start some trouble. I am so looking forward to the day we can all (Husband, Sophia the Saint Bernard, Yukon Jack the Siberian Husky, Bishop the bully Boxer and myself) can enjoy a day at the dog park with putting Bishop in timeout!!! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I am so pleased with the progress in such a short time! Permalink
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Naples | March 13 2012
We are amazed at how quickly the dogs learned how to walk at our sides with the check collars. Love the fact that your techniques do not hurt the dogs in any way. Permalink
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Cape Coral | March 12 2012
Bark Busters makes training your dogs look easy. Permalink
Homossassa | March 12 2012
From the first day Laura was here at our home we have seen an improvement on the problems we worked on. Hershey being only 7 months, we know we still have a long way to go. It's nice to know that you and Bark Busters will be there to help us with future problems we may have with Hershey. Again from the first time you came out he has changed. We enjoyed him before, but now it's even better. Thank-you! Permalink