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Naples | October 31 2012
Patrick was great! We definitely recommend Bark Busters. Colby, our Maltepoo, was so aggressive we were ready to put him down. In two hours, one Bark Buster lesson, we saw an amazing difference in him. Thank you Patrick! Our whole family is happy and Colby is better behaved. Not only did our vet recommend Bark Busters, but so did Petco when we explained Colby's aggressive behavior! Permalink
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Rochester Hills | October 30 2012
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Absolutely blown away by our dog's behavior after very first session! Amazing! Night and day --- NO JOKE! Lisa was great. Easy to talk to and great with our kids as well. Already have [recommended Bark Busters]! We tell everyone we can! We no longer "hate" our dog. He used to be called "Owee" instead of "Howie"! But now he's back to Howie. Thanks!! Permalink
Lake Orion | October 30 2012
IT WAS AMAZING! It is a great technique. We really enjoyed visiting with Lisa. Permalink
Warren | October 30 2012
WHOLE NEW DOG! Seemed too easy to be true, but really works! If it worked on MY dog, I feel just about ANYONE could benefit from this! Permalink
Rochester Hills | October 30 2012
I COULDN'T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE in Titus so quickly! He's gotten SO MUCH BETTER. WE ENJOY HIM SO MUCH MORE! I liked Bark Busters because the approach to training was kind to the dog. I really like the fact that it wasn't "treat" based. We always have the tools we need! Lisa was very kind and friendly. We both felt very comfortable with her. I have already recommended Bark Busters to our daughter. She has an appointment in November! Permalink
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Naples | October 30 2012
Colin's calm approach sets the tone for both the dog and its "human". Permalink
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Tualatin | October 30 2012
It took me awhile to understand the flow and how it all applies to my dogs - each step that I take from beginning to the end of the correction cycle. I have two dogs and there were results right away, attacking major problems with both dogs in good time. The natural training was educational and therefore easy to understand the nature of pack leadership and pack behavior. I had a great time learning. I love how Lisa loved my dogs and how serious she took it all. The training was consistent with how I am with my child...kind, loving, and logical. My house was a mess, but Lisa was kind and just worked around things. I wanted my house to be as normal as possible with lots of toys around. I will recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors! Permalink
Joliet | October 29 2012
My husband and I were very pleased with John. Many friends had suggested using aversive methods with our dog Jake that we weren't comfortable with. Jake had very destructive separation anxiety and destructive crate anxiety. With the methods John taught us, we are able to leave Jake home alone without the use of a crate and there's no damage to come home to! We are so grateful we tried a professional dog trainer before giving up on Jake. We recommended John and Bark Busters to the rescue we received Jake from. Permalink
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Carmel | October 28 2012
Mark gave us step by step instructions. It was amazing seeing the change in Jaxson's behavior. I enjoy how we do not reward with treats. It was interesting to learn about pack behavior. We had a very positive experience with Bark Busters. Mark was a great teacher and very thorough with his training techniques. Permalink
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Lutz | October 28 2012
I contacted Joanne to help us train our 7 month old Havanese/Bichon Frise puppy, Brody. I was concerned that since Brody was our first dog ever, we had "spoiled" him too much and we would not be able to manage the negative puppy behaviors he had developed. I learned that I was wrong. Joanne taught us training techniques that helped us immensely. I know Joanne's primary mission is to train our family first, as we train Brody. Joanne was knowledgeable and patient when working with us and helped us to understand our role as Brody's pack leader. She is also always quick to respond when we need help or questions answered. Joanne's dog training expertise has been invaluable to our family and we are happy to recommend her to others. Permalink