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Perryburg | August 29 2010
Cheryl Kubista is a wonder woman! Anyone who knew and now knows my Crockett can see the change from wild child to big boy who no longer has to be crated, ever! More amazingly I can walk him in my flip flops...a major milestone! Crockett is a very happy dog who has learned to trust and knows he found his forever home. Permalink
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Northville | August 29 2010
Rather than just learning how to treat our dog, we learned how to understand her. We are extremely happy with the information and techniques Maril has taught us. Everything was well explained and we understand our dog much better. We noticed an improvement after the first lesson. Permalink
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Naples | August 28 2010
Very professional-noticed improved behavior immediately. I have already recommended Bark Busters to one friend in Naples, and another in Massachusetts. Permalink
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Helene E Piermont, New York | August 28 2010
Niki had spent 6 yrs. in a puppy mill. She didn't know how to relate to people or treats or toys. She would also growel at most people. Michelle explained dog behaviour in terms that were so understandable...BAH! Niki improved each day and was able to love because of the leadership skills that Michelle drummed into us like a drill sargent. She was always available when we called her in a crisis (which was pretty often) dealing with separation anxiety. We could not have turned this little numb dog into a very lovable, playful little girl who now sits, stays and is a major part of our family. We are so grateful to Michelle for her continuing interest and availablity. Helene, Marc and thanks from Niki too. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Separation anxiety
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New Rochelle | August 27 2010
Mark was very pleasant and explained each technique in a way that was easy to implement. Even after the first session we noticed a great improvement in Cheyanne's behavior. We were very pleased and informed on all the natural training techniques. We had such great results that we have already recommended it to several of our friends. Thank you so much Mark. You have made Cheyanne a much more pleasant and obedient dog! Permalink
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Tinley Park | August 26 2010
Vicky was excellent! She explained things very clearly and with great reasoning. Vicky had our antisocial dog playing fetch with her (which she NEVER does) and eating our of her hand! I love that there are no negative or harmful techniques-or food-since we won't always have treats with us! Vicky was very personable and friendly. It's easy, affordable and rewarding-and it works! Vicky was amazing! She had our dog doing things I never thought were possible after an hour of meeting her! Permalink
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St. Augustine | August 26 2010
Linda is so good at communicating the dog's and our family's needs. I think we can get to our desired goal very soon because of her help. Buddah was behaving so much better within an hour or less! I love the techniques she taught us. We had a great time and learned so much! Permalink
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Jacksonville | August 25 2010
Linda put it in layman's terms, and it was super easy to understand. Sugar learned quickly, and we were amazed that she was actually listening! It makes it easier because there are not treats used. When we're not home, we don't have to worry about treats! It was enjoyable and emotional because our girl was learning it was OK for us to be the leader. I wish someone would have referred me a long time ago. I would definitely recommend them! We loved Linda; she was sentimental and understanding. Permalink
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Jacksonville | August 25 2010
Extremely simple, straightforward and immediately effective. Liked the fact that there was no need for reward with treats. I have already referred two friends. Permalink
Livonia | August 25 2010
Although we had successfully trained two previous dogs by ourselves, our situation with Ralphie was more challenging-we had been warned by our breeder that he was a timid dog, and Bob was now permanently in an electric wheelchair. This made us a family with some special needs, which we knew we couldn't deal with in a group setting. We tried to train him ourselves with no luck. At 9 months old, Ralphie was still having too many accidents, was frightened of Bob, jumped up and clawed at me constantly and would only rarely obey. Our frustration was high! Maril came in, explained the techniques and immediately began helping us with basic obedience training, helping us show Ralphie who was really the "boss." Everything she said made sense to us. The turnaround in his behavior was amazing-within 24 hrs. In addition, Maril has worked with us to develop strategies for training unique to our situation, even in simple things such as how Bob can safely exit a door first or walk him on a leash. Maril hasn't just come in and shown us how to train our dog "by the book;" she's taken time to observe us and our situation and helped us properly modify techniques to train him. We continue to work with Maril, but the change is unbelievable and we no longer make excuses for our dog's behavior. Permalink