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Gibsonton | January 30 2012
I have seen a marked difference in my dog. Obviously I was trainable! Permalink
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Riverview | January 30 2012
Very well presented. Like the idea of not having to load the dog with treats to make him do things. Permalink
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Wesley Chapel | January 30 2012
Joanne was very clear and checked to make sure I understood. The training was easy to follow. While treats can be used as a reward, the behavior modification is not based on the treat. Consequently, the dogs respond whether or not they have a treat. Joanne has a gentle but firm approach which is very effective. She was also very patient with me. Permalink
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Brandon | January 30 2012
I've had numerous dogs over the years and never had problems training them until I bought an Australian Shepherd. Tucker is very smart but was scared to death of the leash and didn't want to come in the front door. After two visits Tucker is doing extremely well. I was amazed. Permalink
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Ruskin | January 30 2012
Outstanding! A noticeable difference after just one day. Permalink
Lake Orion | January 30 2012
John was EXCELLENT! Thank you very much! Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | January 30 2012
VERY PROFESSIONAL AND HELPFUL! We had a difficult situation as we adopted a dog from the person I was caretaking who died of Alzheimer's. [John] was patient and understanding of our specific situation and our dog's needs. Our dog responded well! Permalink
Rochester Hills | January 30 2012
GREAT RESULTS!! The dogs were OUT OF CONTROL and this training worked great in getting control of the dogs again! I would suggest doing this training as early as possible when getting a new dog in the house. Permalink
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Jenison | January 30 2012
Sheri did a great job explaining everything, she is an excellent trainer. Bark Busters has been our best luck with training. Permalink
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Downingtown | January 29 2012
The training techniques were very clear and concise and easy to administer. By training end, barking was much less and the dogs becoming more relaxed. Each day I'm doing better as are the dogs. Some days are better than others, but in the right direction. Training is also challenging, very interesting working with two dogs, but I'm encouraged! Karen is very encouraging with our progress which helps me, I do find progress is moving along at a good pace. Permalink