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Naples | March 27 2012
Excellent! 5 Out of 5. Permalink
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Naples | March 27 2012
The visual aids were helpful in the presentation of the method. Our 6 month old Pug was learning to keep pace and not pull on leash. Taking a canine, versus a human, approach only makes sense. Canine behavior management is a useful way of improving the pet / owner harmony. Permalink
Denver | March 27 2012
Robin from Bark Busters is amazing. We noticed a difference in our dogs after one day. They respect us more and they are showing a sense of calmness and confidence. Our 8 year old dog hasn't had her bark collar off in years and now she hasn't worn it for a whole week. Robin broke everything down so it was easy to understand and easy to do on a daily basis. We can't believe we didn't call Bark Busters sooner. Thanks so much. Permalink
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Naples | March 27 2012
30-45 minutes after training, Bruce had a vet's appointment. At the end of the visit, the Dr said Bruce was a totally different dog! Amazingly practical training! Permalink
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Beaverton | March 27 2012
Dick is extremely patient and friendly. Almost immediately Cody improved in many problem areas. We could use a kid trainer. :) We were very pleased with the natural training techniques. They helped change habits we learned raising dogs from our youth and relieved stress. I like how it builds on the previous training session(s). Thank you for your help, continued availability and progress with Cody. Permalink
Keego Harbor | March 26 2012
It was so fascinating that 2 hours felt like 15 minutes. John helped us to think like a dog thinks. We would never have thought that we would be able to use such a simple technique to get his undivided attention in a two hours session. Vinny responded so well to the new way of training! By the end of the first few commands, he was not barking at the front door or jumping up on us! Amazing! Permalink
West Ashley | March 26 2012
My dogs are completely different dogs, thanks to Michelle. When she first came to my home my 3 girls were not even close to potty trained, chewing up everything I own, counter surfing, dragging me every time we'd go for a walk, jumping on everyone they met, pottying in their crates, and barking at everything. After just a few short training sessions I have learned how to change all of this behavior. Michelle is always there to answer any questions I have and is always so full of advice and knowledge. This really does work. I recommend this to anyone who has had trouble training their dogs or just needs some tips on how to curb a certain behavior. Now I can actually breathe and enjoy my dogs instead of running around the house like a mad woman. Permalink
Isle of Palms | March 26 2012
We are loving our better behaved Moki (Carolina Dog Puppy)! All the things we learned in our first session with James have helped us already become a happy pack. Permalink
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Beaverton | March 26 2012
Lisa was very thorough and complete in her explanation of the training techniques. She was able to use her "dog powers" to calm down Ellie and I can learn from what she did. It was interesting, fun and Ellie and I both liked the training. On day one, Lisa gave me confidence that I can do this. I had gotten so many differing opinions that I was confused. I have hope this will work. Thanks, Lisa! Permalink
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Dani G Rio Rancho, New Mexico | March 26 2012
Normally our dogs would have been demanding our attention with a visitor in our house , but as Jim guided us through the training they were quite content laying at our feet. Permalink
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