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Pottstown | June 12 2012
Jeri Wagner has saved my knees, arms, back and temper! Gauge is a 95 pound, 10 month old black Lab that was uncontrollable on a leash! He's pulled me down so many times because of his wanting to play with every dog on a leash. After only 4 Thursday evenings in Jeri's class, there was some improvement. Jeri decided to take the bull by the horns and actually came to my house and did my whole walk routine with me (and with the help of her son for distraction), she has this monster walking like a champ! I'm so happy to have found Jeri. I appreciate all the time and effort that she put into this crazy puppy who is the love of my life! If you have a dog who thinks because of his size and strength that he can run your life, let him meet Jeri and he'll find out who the boss is! BAAHH Permalink
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Milwaukie | June 12 2012
The techniques were simple and easy to understand. By the end of the training we had a completely different dog! He looked so happy and relaxed. This was a great experience! Al, you were so nice and patient...a pleasure to work with. We have worked with different dog trainers. What we appreciated is how Al was teaching us as opposed too making us feel bad for how our dog acts. Some trainers act superior and act "annoyed" with how a dog acts. Thank you for your patience and for teaching and giving me knowledge and confidence. My dog is so much happier and we are too. I haven't met a dog trainer like you, Al. Patient and understanding, kind, helpful and effective! Permalink
Otsego | June 12 2012
Sheri was so calm and confident. We can not believe the difference in our dogs that very same night. Sheri has given us our life back, we were so upset and expecting to have to find a new home for at least one of our dogs - the difference in our dogs is so great it's hard to comprehend. We have been telling everyone who will listen - we are so proud of our dogs. Sheri, we can't thank you enough! Permalink
Trainer note from Sheri : You guys did a great job!! I am so happy that you called me.
Clawson | June 11 2012
THE RESULTS WERE AMAZING! I will tell everyone about Bark Busters! Permalink
Rochester Hills | June 11 2012
LISA WAS EXCELLENT! Unbelievable difference in just minutes of training! Permalink
Oxford | June 11 2012
John Lieberman took his time. We never felt rushed, and felt that our questions were valid. Noticeable results before the therapist left the house. Much easier to bond with our puppy because we are on the same page now. Totally different puppy! Permalink
Clarkston | June 11 2012
MY DOG RESPONDED ALMOST INSTANTLY. [Lisa] explained everything thoroughly before we practiced. I would recommend [Bark Busters] to friends because it is an easy way to help control your dog without getting physical or scaring your animal, which is very important to me. Permalink
Redmond | June 09 2012
I couldn't believe how much our little Jack Russell changed after just one session with Jack. We learned how to communicate with our dog, so we actually received more training than Haley did. Haley had the bad habit of barking continually while at the Dog Park. Jack actually met me at the park and showed me techniques for helping her not to get out of control. I had completely stopped taking her to the dog park because of the barking and the parks are the one place where she can get the exercise she needs. We are very grateful to Jack and highly recommend his services, you will not be disappointed! Permalink
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Kristen L Grand Rapids, Michigan | June 09 2012
Ken's background as a former teacher really gives him an advantage in knowing how to explain training techniques in a variety of ways. I couldn't believe my rowdy Jasmine was actually stopping to look at me for behavior clues so quickly. The training was interesting and exhausting! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Pulling, Recall, Toileting
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Tom G Morisson, Colorado | June 09 2012
Brian was very excellent explaining the training techniques. The results were amazing. We were very impressed with our dogs behaving so well. The training was excellent and we saw results in a short time. The experience was very interesting and very enjoyable to participate and see the results. I will recommend Brian and Bark Busters to friends and to my vet. Furthermore, I am so impress with Brian and his training techniques! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Other
Trainer note from Brian : Thanks, guys! Job well done!