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Naples | July 30 2012
My wife and I were extremely pleased with Colin. His techniques and training were extraordinary and we would be glad to recommend Colin and Bark Busters at any time. Permalink
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West Chester | July 30 2012
Karen was very thorough and answered all my questions. There were some results by the end of the training, which surprised me. I didn't expect to see results immediately. I was very pleased with the all natural training techniques. I don't believe in hitting my dogs so I like this method. Karen is extremely interresting and made it very enjoyable. She is very good with the dogs and great with the training techniques. Bark Busters is a solid program with positive reinforcement and I like the lifetime guarantee! I love Karen and her energy. She makes me feel comfortable and she is very good with the training techniques and very patient. I hope she stays my trainer forever!! Permalink
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Harleysville | July 30 2012
We were happy to find a trainer who could come to our home, as we have 3 young children. Karen was fabulous! Permalink
St. Johns | July 30 2012
Having Linda demo 1st then guide us is very helpful. I can't beleive it!! Bruiser (12 week old English Bulldog) has changed quickly and so much easier to handle. I liked the technique and the fact that it wasn't physical. I am still amazed how much progress Buiser made just on day one! It's been 24 hours and I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friend who has 3 dogs. Permalink
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Denver | July 30 2012
Best pet decision we have ever made! Permalink
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Boulder | July 30 2012
Andrea and Gary really went the extra mile to help me learn how to train our wonderful shelter dog, Sophie. Sophie is a cattle dog mix and very high energy. Her exuberance and out of control enthusiasm led to some pretty challenging behavior, including door darting, jumping, mouthing, and running away when called. Thanks to Andreas patience and expertise, we've learned how to provide consistent discipline and activity and Sophie is making great progress. Andrea came to our home as often as needed, and even brought her own wonderful dogs along so that Sophie could get some socialization experience. I can't recommend them highly enough! Permalink
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Milwaukie | July 30 2012
Lisa always explained how and why to do things. I think I learned just as much as my dog did. We saw great results! He is a completely new dog! The natural techniques were important because I wanted my dog to listen to me always, not just when I have a treat. The experience was very interesting and enjoyable, but also hard work. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters! I have seen more change in my dog than I ever imagined. My dog was VERY wild when we met Lisa, but she had confidence in him and didn't give up. I am very thankful for that. Permalink
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Lois W St. Petersburg, Florida | July 29 2012
The trainer is wonderful - having trouble following up. Would certainly recommend Vito!! Permalink
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Ocala | July 27 2012
We are into our third week though this Saturday I am unable to meet with Ann our trainer I am still practicing with Sabrina up and down the driveway to our neighbors on the right to the neighbors on the left to get her to walk by my side without pulling. I even tried to take her to the dog park after Ann left last Saturday but that proved to be a disaster so I will wait till August 4 when I have my trainer with me to try the doggie park. However, this morning we thought we would give it a try and get Sabrina to walk around the block with us by my side. I admit I had to do the bah several times but overall she was great and I even praised her as she did not pull and wear out the pads of her feet like she used to do when we tried to take her for walks. I am looking forward to when she won't need any bahs at all as there is a big improvement on how she acts since Ann has been training us. Looking forward to when she stops barking in the car and at the vets. I know we will get to that part soon with practice. Permalink
CHARLESTON | July 27 2012
We are the proud parents of two Newfoundland pups, they are lovely and bring us much joy but they also had a few bad habits. Counter surfing, leash pulling, digging Huge craters in the yard and barking in the middle of the night were in their bag of tricks. Our vet recommended Bark Busters to us and we could not be happier!!! James came out and his advice, techniques and skill have been invaluable. Our girls manners improved with the first visit!! We are extremely grateful to James for helping us be better dog owners and how best to communicate with our girls. Bark Busters has made all our lives better and we couldn't be more pleased! Clarabelle, Clementine and The McCutcheon's Thank you! Permalink