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Dwight | April 15 2011
My trainer was very pleasant and reinforced everything I needed to do. There were just too many dogs (four) to deal with at one time to see a lot of results, but they are making good progress. John reinforced some of what I knew, but was too frustrated to deal with. He helped me break down the issues into manageable tasks. I needed more guidance to deal with all the barking. I would recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Lincoln Park | April 15 2011
Maril was very patient with us - we were the ultimate spoilers. It was an awesome first session! We busted his bark in the first visit! We recommended Bark Busters to our daughter for her bark-crazy girl dog. The training isn't harmful and is easy to do. We had to laugh at ourselves, all our dog was hearing was "blah blah, blah - good dog." Permalink
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lisle | April 15 2011
Two months ago prior to working with Connie, if someone knocked on my patio door my rescue shepard mix Holden would bark viciously and was totally out of control. When Connie knocked @ the door earlier this week Holden ran quietly to the other side of the room and sat silently while I opened the door. Connie knows what she is talking about and it works if you are willing to put in the time practicing every day. Holden has responded so well and is a much happier dog now without confusion over which one of us is in charge. Connie is professional, supportive and passionate about what she does. Thank you so much Connie for helping me make a better life for Holden and I. Permalink
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Ponte Vedra Beach | April 14 2011
Sadie-Sue's behavior changed completely in one day! No more jumping/lunging on walks when she sees dogs and kids! Permalink
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Satsuma | April 14 2011
Very simple techniques and easy to follow. I have been trained... Linda accomplished more in 2 hours with Toni than I have in 2 years! After coming from a "treat" offering training method this is much easier & faster. Very enjoyable and I love being in control now. The respect Toni shows me now is awesome. I was lucky that Toni responded so well and so quickly. I now follow up everyday to keep my position as alpha dog! Permalink
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Tuxedo Park, NY | April 13 2011
Easy to understand and not abusive. Dove was much more responsive by the end of the training. Permalink
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Larchmont | April 13 2011
Mark was extremely clear. We observed immediate results which was truly amazing!!! It is easy and is so much less energy then what we were doing before! The experience is interesting, especially when you see the effect it has on the a magical key! Mark was very pleasant and patient! Permalink
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Sun City Center | April 13 2011
We thought our Bello was too set in his ways to be trained to change. Joanne proved otherwise. His bad habits are mended or on the way to be. Joanne is professional, capable and made pleasant changes to our dog's behavior. We are very happy and highly recommend Joanne and Bark Busters. We only wish that we would have known about their services sooner. Permalink
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Palm Coast | April 13 2011
Hi Linda! We just wanted you to know how grateful we are for that 2 hours...things are great with the dogs...I'm so much calmer and am enjoying them more...Randi is amazed as well at the transformation...there are a few things that Grace is trying to hold on hiding under the bed and not coming out when called, but everything else (so far) is improved....thanks so much!! Permalink
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Mr K Winston Salem, North Carolina | April 13 2011
My wife and I used Amy with Bark Busters to help us with our dog Blu. Wow! We loved the entire experience. Amy is great and very knowledgeable and patient. Blu is a much better dog and we are amazing owners. When you go on a walk and people stop to comment about your wonderful dog you just know you made the right decision in hiring Amy! This will be the best spring and summer we have ever had since we can walk Blu as much as we want. Thank you Amy. Permalink
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