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Cape Coral | July 22 2012
I am amazed at my dog's behavior after one hour. I am so very pleased. Kudos to Patrick Logue and Bark Busters. Permalink
Apex | July 22 2012
Jerry was very thorough explaining what I needed to know and do to train my dog. He taught me in steps how to be my dog's leader and decision maker. I was amazed how quickly my dog changed his assertive/aggressive behavior and wanted to please me. The techniques were natural, friendly and humane. When I saw the quick results when we first started I was eager to continue and learn more. I highly recommend Jerry to all the people that I meet in my pet sitting business on a day to day basis. It is without hesitation that I state my dog has transformed into a well behaved dog because of Jerry. Permalink
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Fort Myers | July 22 2012
The Bark Buster training makes sense and Patrick Logue did an excellent job. Boomer will soon be a "good dog" all the time! Permalink
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Estero | July 22 2012
We could not believe how quickly Charlie, our Welsh Terrier puppy, changed for the better. Bark Busters is easy to understand and Bark Busters makes it easy to train your dog. We tried another training company and did not like it. They just wanted to give treats to our dog and he got sick. Permalink
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Cathy M San Antonio, Texas | July 21 2012
Lady's toilet problems have improved already! Appreciate all Phyllis's help. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Pulling, Toileting
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Port Orange | July 20 2012
James was very clear and precise and gave examples that made us think and see things differently. I was very skeptical at the beginning but after seeing "instant" results, I am a believer now! I was a little concerned how training would be because I don't believe in chemicals or drugs or physical, but James used all natural, non-violent techniques. Having been a dog owner all of my life, I thought I knew a lot but I learned so much in just the one session. I already recommended this to a co-worker. I want to continue with the training so I can be the best for my dogs. I realize now that there is a lot more for me to learn. Permalink
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Mr T Greensboro, North Carolina | July 20 2012
Amy helped me with my dog, Oscar. He is a big puppy that will grow to be a big dog so we knew we had to stop him attacking the front door and jumping all over our friends. He refused to use the bathroom outside, got into our trash and the final straw was when he got our the front door and we could not catch him for 2 hours. In about 3 hours we could not believe the difference in our dog. He stopped jumping and knew that the front door was no longer his business! He's housetrained and my friends can come over again! Thank you Amy and for those who wonder, this way of working with your dog is not hard and it doesn't involve harsh collars! Best thing we did since picking out Oscar! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Puppy management, Recall, Toileting
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St Augustine | July 19 2012
I'm amazed what one session can do! It's worth the money...NO BARKING!! PEACE AT LAST! Permalink
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Madison | July 19 2012
We adopted a very troublesome 7 month old beagle who needed a lot of training and guidance. Within four days of having him, we knew we needed professional help as soon as possible. I called Greg from Bark Busters, and luckily he had an opening at the end of the same week. Unfortunately, the end of the week could not come fast enough, so I called Greg and he thankfully gave me training tips over the phone to help us through the next couple of days. Once Greg came, and we implemented the training techniques, our dog's behavior dramatically improved. We were very impressed. However, this dog proved to be a very stubborn beagle that needed extra attention. Greg was gracious enough to give us extra visits to help us with our pup. We are forever thankful for Greg's help and dedication. Throughout the difficult training period, he was very accessible and empathetic to our situation and would always call to follow-up and ask about the behavior issues. Should we ever have a behavior problem with another dog, Greg will be the first we call! Permalink
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Edmound B Albuquerque, New Mexico | July 19 2012
It's been a week. Sam and I met 3 dogs about her size today and she was fine with them! No growling! Very satisfied. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Pulling, Recall
Trainer note from James & Lorie : Samantha is an older rescued German Shepherd with health and anxiety issues.Had bad experiences with other dogs which causes her to mistrust and react defensively aggressive. Trust issues with owner due to experiences with previous owners. Client has done an excellent job implementing Bark Busters methods.