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Stamford | March 05 2013
There are no words to express how happy I am that I hired Michael to come help me with my dogs. I have 4 dogs, all rescues, who are a part of my family, they are like my children, and I have a few of those as well! Because they are rescues, each one came to me with their own set of problems. We ran the gambit here from barking, chewing, destroying, separation anxiety, and a bit of dog aggression, or sibling rivalry, as Michael called it . You name it, we had it. Michael came to our home and in just one lesson helped us turn our dogs behavior around. He explained to us the concept of pack mentality and showed us how important it is to the dogs and how well it works when implemented. If I hadn't seen it first hand I wouldn't have believed it. It has been months since Michael first came and our lives are completely different now. I am now the leader of our pack and the dogs are all happy and well adjusted with NO behavioral problems!!!! Yay!!! Not only is the training method amazing but Michael is great at what he does. You can clearly see that he loves his job and loves dogs. He relates to them so well! He was also great with my family and helped to explain everything in a way we understood and could replicate. I would also like to mention that I had 4 other dog trainers from the area come to my home prior to Michael and none of them were able to help even though I paid each of them a substantial amount of money to do so. Michael's services are priceless as far as I am concerned!!!! Permalink
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Greenwich | March 05 2013
When we brought our pug Miles to Mike he was an untrained and high strung puppy. He worked wonders with him! After the training he is now housebroken, knows his commands, and had much better manners. Miles is now a great companion and we have Mike to thank! Permalink
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Arlington | March 05 2013
Our life was becoming most stressful dealing with sibling fighting. Our Border Collie Ross and our Rott Chow Mix, Bear had been at each other but when we put down our 16 year old Precious things were getting worse and worse. $240 vet bill for Bear needed staples in mouth, nose very scary!!!!! We had decided that we needed to give one up. How do you choose??? Well everything happens for a reason a person that I had not talked to in a very long time called out of the blue and while we were talking I told her a little bit and she said you need to get "Michael" she swore by him. So we called and I know now why she said what she did by the time he left I felt alot of the stress leaving. Not only were the dogs reacting but the knowledge Michael gave us was worth every cent of the cost!. We are 5 days into the training and our house is a different house. If anyone out there is struggling with issues you need to make that call you will not be sorry. I can't wait to come back and tell you all we have two brothers that do not feel the need to tear each other apart :) Permalink
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Sherry G Boerne, Texas | March 05 2013
What a wonderful experience! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
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Heidi C Sparta, Michigan | March 05 2013
We received a friendly, personable training session. Ken listened to our questions and concerns and was helpful in addressing them. There is a lot of information to take in however it all makes sense. It's nice that the training went step by step. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Pulling, Recall
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Minneapolis | March 04 2013
I can not give enough positive praise to Bark Busters and the changes they have instilled in our dog Milo. Milo is a one year-old Coon hound that we adopted from the pound 6 weeks ago. We fell in love with him & although he did not meet some of our important criteria, our hearts were won over and we brought him home. Milo came in sweet, shy, and like a perfect dog, for about 24 hours. After the quick honeymoon his true colors began to show. He was destroying the house, having consistent accidents & showing aggressive behaviors towards our kids (5 and 2 years old). My initial criteria was that we had to know how the dog was with children, I appreciate any of the other behaviors can come with a dog and could be worked through. Aggression towards our kids was a deal breaker. I was in tears and fearful we would not be able to keep Milo, this adorable hound that we promised a home. I called Bark Busters in hopes that they could help us, but was not sure what to expect. Lynne Willeke from Bark Busters came to our house within a few days of the call. I was shocked by how quickly she was able to get Milo calm and to respond. In our first visit she covered the philosophy of Bark Busters and the pack mentality, potty training, separation anxiety, leash walking, aggressive behaviors, barking, & kenneling. It was a lot of information to go through but of immense help. I can honestly say I witnessed a huge turn around in just one visit. Lynne helped to restore my hope and allowed me to feel more in control and like a better parent to Milo. It was the lack of knowing what to do that left me feeling so helpless. We purchased a life time guarantee package, where Lynne will be available to us for Milo's entire life. I feel confident that we can over come any challenges with Lynne's assistance. She is also going to help us to prepare Milo to get ready for the good canine citizen test which could allow Milo to go through training to become a therapy dog. Lynne has helped the entire family learn and grow more in creating the best home for all of us. I could not recommend Bark Busters more highly and will be forever grateful for Lynne's help to our family and Milo. Permalink
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Roxborough | March 04 2013
Pete explained the concepts and program so well that I was excited and confident in my ability to implement the program to help my dog become an even better friend and family member. The program is very straight-forward and non-physical and I began to see a connection to my dog more clearly when I was able to communicate in her language. A very rewarding experience, I highly recommend Pete and the Bark Busters approach to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their dog. Permalink
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Centennial | March 04 2013
We were concerned that we might have to find a new home for one of our dogs after they began to get into fights with each other. Finally after a tough day with three attacks with 24 hours we were desperate and called Pete. He scheduled an appointment with us within hours of our first conversation with him. The explanations, demonstrations, and advice were easy to understand and follow. We observed a dramatic change in how our aggressor dog began to respond to us, (and Pete too). Even the victim of the attacks was able to begin to trust her attacker again within hours of wrapping up our first session. She went from being afraid to be in the same room with the other dog, to laying side by side within days of getting started. I know it has only been three days, but we haven't had a single incident in the last three days and both dogs are behaving like the beloved pets we want them to be. Bottom line: Pete is great, his techniques work. We highly recommend him to dog lovers everywhere. Permalink
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easton | March 04 2013
I was about to return my dog to the rescue mission feeling that I had exhausted all my options, when my vet suggested I contact Michael for some help. He responded to my desperate call in no time and was at my door within hours. His techniques were incredible and my dog responded in a positive way. I am grateful to Michael and feel that I can begin again with a lot of hope. Permalink
Edmonds | March 04 2013
I had put off hiring a one on one trainer. Tried different things to change undesirable behaviors to no avail. Finally, with a dog that is 11 years old, finally hired a Bark Busters trainer. Connie Dubois came to my house for 3 hrs and within that time helped me see that our dog had trained us very well. He was on a pedestal and we needed to learn how to handle it all. Connie did a fantastic job, and within a very short time, we have corrected most of his annoying behaviors. Being a 17 lb dog, he was aggressive toward any dog bigger than him. He is not continuously barking at the front door. We are curbing his wanting to jump up on people when they come in the house. All in all, I would not hesitate in hiring Connie for help in dog training. Any age, young or old. She was super nice and very keen on figuring out the whole picture. I should have done it years ago. It was worth every penny Liz Permalink