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Titusville | March 22 2012
I was pleased with the training. Our main concern (biting) appears to have gone away! I would recommend Terry to any dog owner. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | March 22 2012
Bark Busters: It Works! Permalink
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Estero | March 22 2012
Excellent. 5 Out of 5. Permalink
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Naples | March 22 2012
I thought training a deaf puppy was going to be difficult, but you guys made it a walk in the park! This new collar is working really well with him and getting his attention. Also, the sit-stay technique is working great. I was extremely pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters! The training was very interesting and enjoyable - even for my puppy! I always recommend you guys, especially to the customers at work!! Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate what you do, and my puppy thanks you as well. Together, we have a better understanding of each other. Permalink
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Keizer | March 22 2012
Dick was great at correcting which I need because I get nervous sometimes and forget what he just explained. Within a day, Ozzie wasn't jumping on me. It took a little longer for him to get walking next to me but with consistency, he's improved immensely. Dick was very clear and animated, very engaging presentation. Would I recommend Bark Busters to my friends? Absolutely! No question! Well worth the money! Permalink
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Woodburn | March 22 2012
This was very good and lots of good advice on how to train our dogs. Permalink
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Betsy Y Carpentersville, Illinois | March 22 2012
Rick was excellent. He is a wonderful coach and has the patience of a saint. I think this system is so easy to use and it makes sense. All of my dogs have gained benefit and I feel I have them under control. Permalink
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Jenkins C San Diego, California | March 22 2012
My girlfriend and I had a hyper golden retriever puppy that was very headstrong and disobedient. It got so bad that it was becoming impossible to walk the little ball of energy. At first I was a little hesitant because of the prices charged by Bark Busters...but we were at a crossroads. Either the whole dog ownership experience had to change or we couldn't be dog owners. After discussing the concepts of "pack leadership" and being shown the ways to display leadership, our dog went through a transformation. I am not one who is easily impressed, but I must say it was AMAZING! Now our dog is a breeze to walk, and is becoming more obedient every day. Jan Janecki has made the dog ownership experience truly rewarding and will provide you with tools to create a relationship of respect, trust, and companionship with your dog. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
Inverness | March 21 2012
Laura is now a part of our family. All of us are working hard and it is working. AWESOME !!!!! Permalink
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North Fort Myers | March 21 2012
Excellent! 5 Out of 5! Permalink