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Dilara A
Dilara A San Diego, California | March 03 2013
Justin is amazing. It's like magic. In 2 sessions, Justin had transformed our canine terrorist into a calm, relaxed dog. When we first adopted Huxley, a ~1yr-old schnauzer mix he came with a past of abuse and a fear of tall men and strangers. Whenever friends came to our home, he would bark and attack the front door. The same would happen if anyone came near us on the street. Huxley would go from being a sweet, cute dog into this ferocious beast. My husband was afraid that he would bite someone and then we'd have to put him down. We were at our wits end having tried just about everything. Nothing worked. Thankfully, we found BarkBusters and Justin. It was worth every penny. Now we can have friends over and Huxley stays calm and his entire demeanor has changed. Justin is fantastic with us and Huxley and it is clear that he really loves dogs! Update: Huxley walks by other dogs without barking up a storm. And our dog walker has noticed a difference. Thanks Justin. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Separation anxiety
-New | March 02 2013
Terry walks her talk-not only does she train we the owners she also used the same work on all of her own dogs. She is compassionate, easy to work with, and very firm when the situation requires it. She also holds two doggie get togethers a month to continue to remind us what we need to do but to also help the dogs know how to act around other dogs. Terry is the one you want working with you and your dog! Permalink
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Warminster | March 02 2013
Pete is a great trainer. He takes time to make sure you understand the techniques. He worked around my schedule. Also thank you Pete and Wendi for you love and care to Coco, as well as Gator, now, when you have them at you home, sitting for them. They are well cared for and Coco looks forward to seeing and "playing" at your place. Permalink
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Bronx | March 02 2013
Mark gave hands-on training which was helpful. There were immediate results! I was impressed and very pleased. Mark made the experience very pleasant and rewarding. I now feel like the pack leader. My family and friends were impressed with the results. They were uncomfortable before with Oliver, but now they are comfortable with him. Thank you Mark and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Garrison | March 02 2013
Methodical step by step instructions and follow up communications with review summaries. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 02 2013
Patrick explained the Bark Buster method in such a way that it was easy to understand. I observed noticeable results by the end of the first, two hour lesson. Permalink
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Morris | March 02 2013
I could not believe our dog was heeling and sitting on command by the end of the training session. I don't like spike or shock collars, John used neither. My husband and I were ready to surrender the dog back to the place we got him before John came out. We were told he was showing early signs of aggression. Not anymore. Permalink
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Katie G Dallas, Texas | March 02 2013
Quick results with both the stubborn and more submissive dogs of household. I found the nutritional aspect a new, interesting aspect of training. Smart idea that require no physical acts on the dog and minimal treats, patient-respectful-kind trainer. Permalink
Courtney P
Courtney P Royal Oak, Michigan | March 02 2013
MY JAW IS STILL LYING ON THE FLOOR. LISA CHANGED MY LIFE. Even working at a vet clinic, I learned so much and it was all so interesting. Lisa made it so fun [and] made me understand how a dog will understand this way of training. It is so easy and it makes so much sense. Why doesn't everyone with a dog do this? I am so glad to have met Lisa and can improve my life by improving my dog!! You are miracle workers!! IT WORKS. PERIOD!! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
Trainer note from John and Lisa : Courtney Poole is a staff member of Paint Creek Animal Hospital in Rochester Hills.
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Seattle | March 01 2013
I never thought using voice alone would get Grizzly to listen to me, but he responded immediately. David praised me for all the work I have done with him previously, and I saw how the new techniques were easily implemented becasue of that work. After seeing such a change in his behavior, I would definitely recommend David and Bark Busters Permalink