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Sherwood | October 13 2010
The advantage was that Dick is a third party and the family listened and practiced the same techniques he showed us. There is no silver bullet but we made awesome progress. We expect our dogs will behave "like Mike" someday. :) Thanks Bark Busters! Permalink
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Waterbury | October 12 2010
This has been such an encouraging and supportive training experience. I have noticed continued improvement with our dog since day one. Permalink
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Flying Hills | October 11 2010
Donald and Debbie are great. My 2-year-old border collie mix, Lenny, is highly active (read: mischievous) and sometimes overwhelming. We had been through a lot of basic training, but we (I) needed a brush-up. Debbie came twice and got us back on a very good track for consistent training with leash-walking, greeting guests, behavior at the door and his perennial favorite, counter-surfing. Bark Busters' philosophy is very straightforward and easy to apply to everything. If you are not training your dog, your dog is training you! It really helps to get a handle on these basic behaviors with an outside, objective and supportive trainer. Debbie is so patient and kind, and will truly help you get the job done. Permalink
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Kinzers | October 11 2010
Donald's first visit with Ponzie concluded with immediate results! Although it takes me discipline to practice every day with my dog, I am seeing a gradual but steady change. Ponzie is becoming the incredible dog I thought she'd be. Thanks Bark Busters! Permalink
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Madison | October 11 2010
Greg Reetz is truly a remarkable trainer. I own a 1-year-old Maltese named Lily; cute as a button and adorably full of life, but at times, a little too much life. Let's just say, she was definitely calling the shots in this household. The constant barking, jumping up on guests, and nipping at pant legs were a growing annoyance, but I became concerned when Lily no longer wanted to go to doggy day care, and that's when I called Greg. I quickly learned that Lily was easy to train; I was the one that needed to be trained. To my defense, Lily is the first puppy I've owned, so I didn't know what I was doing wrong. Greg does an excellent job of analyzing the situation in your own environment. He instantly picked up on Lily's territorial behavior with our home and me. I was Lily's grand possession, which explains her no longer wanting to go to day care; she was developing separation anxiety. Within just 2 hours, Lily was a calm and happy dog. Granted, she still has her moments, but it's work in progress; the more I commit to working with her, the better she becomes. If you're having problems with your furry loved one, give Greg a call. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Permalink
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Shirley M Boerne, Texas | October 11 2010
Repeated techniques several times to be sure I understood. My dog is already staying on her cushion while I prepare dinner. Phyllis is a delight to work with. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
Galena | October 09 2010
We would like to give a tremendous thank you to Greg Schneider for providing the training for our newly adopted 1-year-old dog "Link." Greg gave my husband and I the necessary training guidance to keep "Link" from jumping, chasing the household cats and how to walk on a leash with his new "Canny Collar." We saw an immediate difference in "Link" and continue to see improvements daily. We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone seeking a personal trainer for their dog. Greg won our respect by accomplishing so much and still praising and telling "Link" what a good boy he is. We have already told one potential dog owner to use Greg and two more who has dogs, who misbehave. Permalink
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Somers | October 08 2010
Mark made it seem so easy. The techniques were pretty simple once we learned them properly. Mark changed our dominant overbearing untrained dog into a miracle. Mark always made it enjoyable, even when Buster didn't listen. Mark is a miracle worker. What an amazing trainer who is an exceptional human being. I had some doubts about Bark Busters. Once I had our dog trained by Mark I am a believer. Unruly dogs are human faults. Permalink
Denver | October 08 2010
Robin is great.She is so sweet to our dog even when he is being a "pain." We were pleased by the natural training techniques and they were explained in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We will recommend Bark Busters to friends. Permalink
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Skokie, IL | October 08 2010
BEST DOG TRAINING IN SKOKIE! I called Marlene of Bark Busters on the recommendation of my dog walker. In one brief conversation, Marlene understood the issues and had a clear idea of what would help. I highly recommend Marlene and Bark Busters. Ivy is a 4-year-old Vizsla that I adopted when she was 3, after being in 3 or 4 other homes. Ivy had issues of listening and responding to commands only on her terms and not mine (or others) along with guarding and some other fear-related issues. Marlene immediately identified these issues as leadership-related. In one single session with Marlene, I learned that I was not consistently leading Ivy and Marlene taught us (me and Ivy) some very simple actions that solved the issues. I just need my voice now and don't have to worry about using treats to bribe her. Ivy now has the respect for me (and others) to look to me for leadership and this all happened by Marlene explaining just a few very simple concepts and showing us some easily repeatable actions. Ivy was a sweet and happy dog before but now she is even happier and very clearly more comfortable with herself and others. Marlene has followed up to make sure Ivy and I are doing well. Do not hesitate to call Marlene of Bark Busters, you will be amazed at Marlene's problem solving ability and success with issues you have with your dogs. Permalink
Trainer note from Howard & Marlene : 2 Years later, we received a call from a friend who was watching Ivy at their vacation home and was concerned about their other dog fighting with her. We talked for about 45 minutes and I received a voice mail telling me how wonderfully behaved Ivy was with sharing toys and listening to them.