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Oakland Township | March 19 2012
This was the BEST THING we could have done for our family! I wish we had done it sooner. Lisa was wonderful [and] spent over three hours with us! THANK YOU! Permalink
Lake Orion | March 19 2012
After the complicated and non-effective training classes we tried, THIS EXPERIENCE WAS WONDERFUL. No one will believe how easy and how much sense this technique is. It seems like this should be common sense training but most of us have no idea. It is ALMOST TOO EASY to understand. I kept thinking that it all made total sense. I WAS AMAZED by the immediate response by my dogs. It was easy and it felt natural. Permalink
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Arlington | March 19 2012
We have our little girl back. Nikki our 8yr old JRT has always been a bit more fight then flight and lived off her anxiety. When we got another pup to add to the mix she became distant, the fights started and were constant, and even ended up with my fiancé in an early morning ER visit. In reality of the 2 options we had, we went with the ladder. After the first session with Michael she was different. Even only after a month of working on her and her first public outing at a pet store, I got compliments on how well behaved she was. It has not been a full year yet and we can have toys back in our house and it is playful and peaceful. Michael literally saved her life. Now a days our dogs live around us, and not the other way around. Permalink
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Milford | March 19 2012
My boys and I now know how to get Sydney under control. He listens better and is a better pet. Sydney wants to learn. He loves the praise. He is doing a good job. We will keep up the training forever...It works!! Permalink
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Milford | March 19 2012
Richard first explained the techniques. Than showed me how to do it. Than observe me and Parker practicing, which helped tremendously. The one-on-one training is a great way to train both owner and dog. The training helped me gain confidence that I was training Parker correctly and I know it will make for a more pleasurable relationship with my dog. Permalink
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Oxford | March 19 2012
We are learning a great deal. Each family member is working at an appropriate level - grownups, kids, dog. We see a difference with each session. Permalink
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Dobbs Ferry | March 17 2012
Bode has changed. He is more fun to be around. I think every dog owner wants the same. Bode is a 60lb. mix pit bull. He was too hard to handle until Mark came around. I know it takes time to train my dog but the results are priceless. Permalink
Denver | March 17 2012
We called Becky because while our dog knew all the commands and was generally well-behaved; she was anxious, nervous and scared. She would hyperventilate in the car, she had food issues and she would follow me around the house relentlessly. Becky taught us how to provide the leadership that gave the dog the confidence to just be a dog. Now the dog is a subordinate member of the pack and not the confused leader. The results we got from Becky were beyond our expectations. This program teaches the owner how to get results from the dog without the use of treats. When you have a picky eater like I did, that kind of training isn't going to work. Besides, who wants to bribe their dog! Now, my dog looks to me for guidance and leaves the decision making to me, allowing her to just finally be a dog. Thank you! Permalink
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Ponte Vedra Beach | March 17 2012
Linda explained the training techniques to us without in any way "talking down" to us. We saw major change as to who is in charge. We are particularly pleased with the change from the halter to the Bark Busters collar. The vocal control and training aids are highly beneficial. Permalink
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Amy D San Antonio, Texas | March 17 2012
Everything made sense. I loved the immediate results with these techniques. I enjoyed learning how to effectively communicate with my pup. The training worked so well that I think everyone with a dog could benefit from it. Permalink
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