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Naples | October 02 2011
I took Winston and Kaiah to the dog park this morning and I am pleased to say they were some of the best behaved dogs there. I can't believe the difference in Kaiah's behavior after 11 months. She and Winston both came to me when called today no matter what they were doing at the park. It was an expense but probably the best money I have ever spent. I'm very happy to be able to bring Kaiah places again and have her be able to go on walks and socialize with people and dogs and be relaxed and not worry about what she is going to do. Permalink
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Loudonville | September 30 2011
We were very impressed with how our dog was able to learn to sit and stay when someone came to the door. We thought that was hopeless, but were were wrong! Permalink
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Gloversville | September 30 2011
Laid out so it was very easy to follow and understand and able to give examples as to why various corrections and techniques work. Did well on our outside walk with Rachel coaching when nearing fenced dogs or tied out ones. Rusty is a rescue that is still fear aggressive and we had tried another trainer that used prong collars and force to make him obey and just after one session, I knew that was not what we wanted and it set us back on the trust we had established with Rusty. Very interesting learning the natural way dogs communicate and we all found Rachel a joy! Very caring person! Just by reading testimonials on Rachel Baum I knew she was the right fit and trainer for our situation. Permalink
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Albany | September 30 2011
Presentation was good and made sense. Easy to learn and very realistic behaviors to work on. It was fun and a great learning experience. Rachel was professional, friendly and great with our dog. I would highly recommend her. Rachel was an excellent trainer and we really enjoyed her techniques. Permalink
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Niskayuna | September 30 2011
It was remarkable to see the changes in our dog's problem behaviors and learning easy techniques to work on. I appreciated very much that Rachel provided modifications to the exercises because I am 8 months pregnant. Rachel did a nice job listening to all of our concerns about Liberty's problem behaviors before beginning. Permalink
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Cairo | September 30 2011
I first meet Leigh Ann a little over a year ago when we adopted 2 rescues-Wolf and O.B. I now have 6 dogs-all rescues. The last 2 I just got from Turkey and they are both girls. Leigh Ann came today and helped with my, until now, only girl CoCo (who is NOT happy about the additions). CoCo is already a better girl and Leigh Ann gave me advice about dealing with all the dogs and the new girls. We might actually survive-THANKS Leigh Ann! Permalink
Summerville | September 30 2011
I am a veterinary technician and am currently using Bark Busters. Many of our clients have used them for their pets and we recommend them to EVERYONE! I have 2 hounds who like to run and bark at the fence, jump on people when entering the house and one of my boys USED to growl when he saw my 1 yr old daughter coming towards him. Now, with the help of Michelle he no longer growls at my daughter, he gets up and moves himself to a different location. They are doing really well at jumping and we are still working on the fence thing (it doesn't help that my neighbors dog is CRAZY)! So i would and DO recommend them to people I know! Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | September 30 2011
Excellent training and experience for my puppy Bella and me too! Permalink
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Youngsville | September 30 2011
Sonja is great fun & enthusiastic. She offered help anytime we need it and has called to follow up. The program makes sense and with commitment the training is enjoyable. I also like not having to carry a bag of supplies. Sonja addressed our dog's nipping and attention seeking behavior. Permalink
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Raleigh | September 30 2011
Sonja gave great ideas and techniques to use on our very stubborn Bulldog pup! She is a wonderful person who cares a great deal about animals and we look forward to future visits. Permalink