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Norristown | March 05 2012
Jeri did a great job of explaining the techniques in an easy to follow format. While Jeri was here we did see results, but we didn't do a great job of continuing after she left. Permalink
Windermere | March 05 2012
I honestly don't know how we ever survived before meeting Jim when it came to our dogs. A stubborn bunch, our four little furry kids (Angel - Sheltie, Romeo - Long Hair Chihuahua, Juliet - Malipoo, and Prince - Lhasa Apso are as sweet as they are sassy. In my moments of exhaustion, discontent, and frustration, Jim has always been there for us offering mind blowing results by helping us to instill confidence in ourselves as leaders and by teaching us that love and leadership don't have to be enemies of one another. He helped us constantly to learn the dog language we need make positive changes that benefit both us and our dogs. Because of Jim, we are able to understand our dogs in a way I never thought was possible. He is one of the most kind and caring people you will ever meet and his love of dogs is written all over his face. His techniques are responsive, showing changes minutes in to training and they have lasting effects when put into regular practice and rotation. We now have a peaceful home where barking, biting, chewing, and aggressive behavior are not taking over and that is all because of Jim, Dog Training God Extraordinaire! Permalink
Denver | March 05 2012
It's amazing how much easier it is to create a "pack" when I speak my dog's language. Robin and I always have a wonderful visit. I will recommend Bark Busters to others. Worth every dime! Permalink
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Molly R Wake Forest, North Carolina | March 05 2012
We learned a lot about how to work with our puppy. The techniques really work. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Other, Pulling
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Lehigh Acres | March 03 2012
As Patrick explained the Bark Buster techniques I realized the common sense approach to it. The method is very easy to understand. We saw an absolute change in our Moses, a Miniature Dachshund. He was quick to react and understand and was not stressed by it like other training we did. The techniques do not create fear of pain in the dog. Bark Busters teaches respect instead. Patrick is a great instructor. We absolutely recommend Bark Busters, yes! Having seen such a difference in Moses sold me! Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 03 2012
We were really surprised! After one, two hour lesson we saw excellent results. Bark Busters really works! Good job Patrick. Permalink
West Ashley | March 02 2012
I saw DRASTIC improvement in my puppy's behavior after just one visit! My dog was barking whenever I'd leave him alone which was annoying my apartment neighbors as well as stressing me out. I tried the thundershirt, comfortzone DAP, etc. The vet suggested doggy daycare to help him with his behavioral issues as well as suspected separation anxiety. Despite all of this, the barking continued. He was prescribed an anti-anxiety pill and continued to go to daycare 5 days/week. After 5 months of expensive daycare fees, someone at the vets office mentioned Bark Busters. I was very skeptical at first, however, I could tell the biggest difference in his behavior after just 30 minutes of working with James. I wish I had known about this training several hundred dollars earlier! I continue to work with him on the homework James gave us and he continues to make progress. My puppy now stays home by himself and is no longer a nuissance to my neighbors. I have already recommended James to others and will continue to do so. I can't thank him enough for helping me with my dog! Permalink
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Tigard | March 02 2012
After trying the techniques once or twice, my dog followed thru very well. I saw immediate results. My dog wasn't the same. He listened! I felt empowered and could see how my behavior promoted his bad behavior. The training was very interesting. You learn so much about yourself and your behaviors as well as your dog. Anyone who needs to change the behavior in their dogs will benefit from Bark Busters. I love working with Lisa, she is encouraging and knows how you feel about your canine friends. Permalink
Wellington | March 02 2012
Carol helped my family at a very difficult time. She was available for advice and did all she could to improve our situation. We are very grateful for what she taught us. Our home is now stable and happy again. Our rescue dog and long time dog went from fighting to cuddling. She is direct and great at what she does! She offers a very structured process and schedule to help fix unwanted behaviors without hurting or shocking the dogs. She helped teach us the right things to do to prevent bad behavior. We are happy with the outcome! Permalink
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Norma J San Antonio, Texas | March 02 2012
Phyllis was excellent. Using the techniques she taught helped me teach my dog different behavior. Permalink
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