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Morris | July 20 2011
John was very professional and took the time to listen to our concerns and strategize effective solutions. Who knew vocal tones could be so effective? I called my dad as soon as he left and said: "No wonder! The dog just learned bad habits from me." Permalink
Romeoville | July 20 2011
I decided to reserve my comments until I was able to get a true sense of the overall effectiveness of the Bark Busters training method. Now, a month after my initial consultation, I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the results. It is important to mention that I previously had my dog, a male Vizsla, sent away for a three week training program at a dog boot camp and most recently attended private one-on-one sessions with a professional dog trainer who used treats to reward/reinforce desired behaviors. After spending a great deal of money on those training programs, I found that I still had a dog that I could not control, e.g., he would not listen to me indoors, he would constantly pull on his leash while outdoors regardless of the type of collar he was wearing. He would act aggressively towards other dogs while on walks and would she away from strangers. Based on a recommendation, I decided to try the Bark Busters training method. Prior to using Bark Busters, I thought my dog was uncontrollable and almost felt as if he was a lost cause. However, after following the trainer's instructions, I have come to find that I now have a dog that seems more calm, relaxed and so much easier to manage both indoors and outdoors. Essentially, the program does require that I devote time to train my dog; however, I consider the time requirements to be minimal compared to the positive changes I've experienced in my dog's behavior. With approximately 15 minutes of daily training, my dog has morphed somewhat effortlessly on my part from a bad dog into a delightful dog. At least I can now envision my dog as becoming a good, well behaved dog in the near future. In comparison to other dog training programs I've tried, Bark Busters is by far the best and most effective dog training method available. Permalink
Minooka | July 20 2011
John can make my dog do anything! The techniques were very gentle on my dog. It's us who need the training, not the dog! I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends. Permalink
Manhattan | July 20 2011
The trainer was very comfortable and at ease at our house and with our dog, Kenya. Excellent trainer! Permalink
Romeoville | July 20 2011
I was at the point where I just didn't know what to do. Sassy is fearful and also did not obey my commands. John walked me through a very natural approach to Sassy. She responded well to him. I'm practicing every day with her and seeing some wonderful results. I was amazed at the results John got during our first session. I'm telling everyone about it. Permalink
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Joliet | July 20 2011
Our dog trainer and his techniques were easy to follow and understand, especially walking the dog the right way. We observed noticeable results right away. He started to sit for us and would never sit prior to the training. Permalink
Romeoville | July 20 2011
Unbelievable results! We both were amazed and excited. Who thought our voices and body positioning held so much power? John Sullivan is a hero in our household. Our world has changed dramatically thanks to John, his methods and one Monday evening. Thank you so much!!! Permalink
Odessa | July 18 2011
I saw immediate response from my two boxers. Also impressed that they took their different temperaments into account. I set up another appt. for 1-1/2 weeks after the first. Jeff called in between to help and check up. I was very impressed. Permalink
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Alpharetta | July 18 2011
I've had a great experience with Bark Busters North Atlanta. Ryan is a professional and really knows how to help with any situation. He will teach you how to build a positive relationship with your dog(s) and get them to the next level of good behavior and obedience. It takes time and patience, but with Bark Busters on your side, you will have the tools and strategies you need to meet your canine goals! Highly recommended! Permalink
Upper Marlboro | July 18 2011
Sharon is beyond amazing. Satchmo is a challenging dog with a demanding personality who was causing a great deal of friction in my household. No one could stand to be around us because I couldn't control his unruly and demanding behavior. Sharon trained me to be "in charge" of the situation. It's hard to admit the dog was the boss but I let it happen and she showed me how to fix it before I ruined a good dog. Sharon was patient with both Satchmo and me until we could work together like a team then like a family. I hate to repeat myself but she is just amazing. Permalink