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Dunnellon | February 05 2012
Laura was very knowledgeable and I was amazed at the change in Cody when she left. She also recognized that I was the one who needed the most training. I was very pleasantly surprised. Permalink
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Naples | February 04 2012
Excellent on all counts. June and Colin are a pleasure to work with. Permalink
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Julianne G San Antonio, Texas | February 04 2012
I like how the techniques are explained in a way that is logical and mirrors how the dogs' brain works. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Chewing, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Puppy management, Recall, Separation anxiety, Toileting
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Forest Grove | February 03 2012
Dick's techniques made a lot of sense and it helped us understand dog behavior and how to manipulate it! Absolutely noticeable results! Dick's training has made a huge difference! Huge decrease on Daisy jumping, pulling clothes and growling. Dick is a very effective and passionate trainer. He helped us out so much and made the experience a lot of fun - an absolute pleasure to work with! Permalink
Reynoldsburg | February 03 2012
After having dogs for years, we never thought we would need the assistance of a trainer. One headstrong mini dachshund proved us wrong! We are so glad our veterinarian recommended Greg Schneider at Bark Busters. Not only is Greg knowledgeable, and great with dogs, he's also great with people! He taught US how to train our dog in our own home, not in a busy store full of distractions or a class full of other dogs. This made the entire process go much more smoothly. We also love the fact that we can call Greg any time in the future if we encounter any problems and he will come back to help us through the issues at no extra charge. THAT'S excellent customer service! Permalink
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St. Louis | February 03 2012
Kathy gave me the confidence needed to know that we can train Lucy so she will be a great dog. Thank you! Permalink
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Bonita Springs | February 03 2012
We saw immediate results. We recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Jan W Hollywood, Florida | February 03 2012
We are very pleased with the natural, stress free methods. We learned a lot in the very first session, especially that our past (training) experiences were big mistakes! Permalink
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Phelan | February 02 2012
Just one visit from Nancy and I have already experienced a great change in my dog. It is amazing!!! It is obvious that Nancy has a true passion for her job and she can produce an outcome that seems like a miracle. She is professional,caring,and right there when you need her. I am looking forward to more sessions with her. After experiencing the results of just one visit, I am confident that any and all problems that I am experiencing with my dog will be solved. Thanks Nancy. Permalink
Woodstock | February 02 2012
Ryan was great! Ryan showed up on time at our door to be joyfully welcomed by 3 90+ lb dogs. Immediately, the training began. Ryan explained every step carefully as he navigated his way thru the furry welcome committee. Finally we sat down and Ryan began a thorough introduction of what Bark Busters does, how they do things differently, and why they're the best. He spent hours training me AND my dogs. He showed me how the dogs should behave in any normal household scenario (doorbell, going up the steps, etc) and taught me the tools and techniques needed to turn my canine crew into the well behaved pack that they are now. Thanks Ryan! Permalink