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Orland Park | October 03 2012
Vicky was great! Clear understanding of everything we need to do. I definitely observed noticeable results by the end of the training. We were told to put him to sleep by others because of his temperament but it's as if he's a new dog. I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. They have worked miracles with him and us. We learned a lot about why our dog was behaving the way he was. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. The program has completely changed our dog's behavior problems. Permalink
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Fairfield | October 03 2012
A huge thank you to Michael for helping get my dog to walk properly on leash. In the first lesson I saw huge changes and within the first week it was like I had a completely different dog! No more sore arms and shoulders after a walk :) THANK YOU! Permalink
Morris | October 03 2012
The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. I would recommend John Sullivan to my friends and neighbors in need of a dog trainer. Permalink
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Dearborn | October 03 2012
The training was very enjoyable - Maril is entertaining with a great sense of humor. I was pleased with Maril - our dog respects her - I had to earn the same respect - just like your literature says. The training was amazing - again I think it was due to Maril. Maril went at a comfortable pace without insulting my intelligence. Bark Busters is for anyone who wants to enjoy their dog. Let's face it - a well behaved dog is like a well-behaved child; they are easy to be proud of and very nice to have around. Maril really likes animals - I could tell that - When my kids came home and she stayed late to show and tell them some important key points. That meant that she cared about our success and ultimately our dog. Permalink
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Jacksonville | October 02 2012
I realized what I was doing to train my dog would never work. Now, using Bark Busters, I finally feel that I can save my pet & my sanity. The techniques are much better than my way. I was a few steps away from giving up my BFF. Permalink
West Ashley | October 02 2012
Bark Busters works. Michelle taught me that I needed to step up as the pack leader. I thought that I knew what that meant but I did not. By the end of the first session we were doing what I thought was impossible. My dogs are on their way to being a joy to walk. We are all now much calmer and walks are enjoyable for all of us. Before Bark Busters, my yorkie was tugging on the leash and attacking all dogs on our walk. My silky was joining in. It would just escalate. I was embarrased to walk them. After just 3 days of following the training plan that Michelle set for my dogs, I can walk the silky to heel without pulling. I can walk the yorkie and get him under control without escalating. We are still training and I feel we will succeed. The silky looks to me as the leader. The yorkie seems more relaxed and will soon be relieved to hand over the job of leader to me. We are enjoying our walks and everyone is much happier. I am no longer embarrased to walk them. Priceless... Permalink
Farmington Hills | October 01 2012
By the time we called Bark Busters, we were frustrated, but as Lacey progressed we were all happier. THE BETTER SHE GOT, THE MORE WE ENJOYED HER! Happy dog --- happy owners! Permalink
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NEW YORK | October 01 2012
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Manhattan | September 29 2012
I observed noticeable results right away, the same day. The dogs were less stressed and more obedient. I love that the training is based on respect and not force or fear. John is very personable, professional and great at explaining how dog behavior works. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters and already have. Permalink
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West Linn | September 27 2012
Al and Lisa are awesome. I don't write 5 star reviews very frequently but this is well deserved. My fiance and I called them when we moved in together and integrated our furry family of my 2 dogs (lab, golden) and his rambunctious 2 year old chocolate lab. Mine adjusted quickly, but his fluff ball had never moved and developed a bad case of anxiety due to all the changes. Which then slowly infected how the three interacted together, sigh. New unwanted behaviors included peeing in the house, barking at people, barking at other dogs, not listening, not coming on command, pulling on walks, and trying to attack anything that moved outside of what they thought was their front yard. It was intolerable and not how they were trained as puppies. Enter Bark Busters. We hired Bark Busters to look at all 3 dogs, the situation, and we welcomed the feedback.We learned that we let them do this to us as hard as it was to hear. We had to put a stop to these new behaviors and isolate the problems so that they could be retrained and walking peacefully in unison. So that meant correcting our behaviors as much as the dogs. The chocolate lab was identified the ringleader and she was the key to get the group under control. What has changed? Instead of barking - she grumbles softly. She tolerates strange dogs walking past from the balcony. She lets the doorbell ring without pitching a fit. We can almost pass another dog on a walk without her even looking at it. She sleeps during the day instead of howling. No more peeing in the house. I say when they sit, stay, come on command. I go through the door first, always. No destructive chewing. Minimal anxiety outside of the house. We have a ways to go as they are not perfect, but at least we can again go outside and not feel like we have to be on guard. There are moments when she still has anxiety but now we know what to do. What tools/techniques did they use? Well over 5 visits and 6 months later, we tried a lot of things including water bottles, stuffed animals on leashes, new leashes, long leashes, body positioning, growling, speaking authoritatively, walking together, body positioning ... and more and more and more. Each session we would talk about progress, what bad behaviors are still there, and try different techniques to get the right behavior. Best of all - it's all included in the initial price. Yep, one fee, guaranteed improvement. BUT you have to be consistent in training, put in the time, do the homework, and actively work with your dog. They aren't perfect yet, but they are getting there and worth the effort. We love our dogs and Al and Lisa provided much needed and appreciated support to help us get back on track. Permalink