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Johns Creek | November 15 2011
I was very impressed with how easy it was to learn the Bark Busters training techniques. Ryan made it very simple to understand and my dog's really liked him! I signed up for a one time visit. We saw results right away. Ryan explained how important it is to work everyday with your dog and we have and the barking has stopped and we are very Happy! Thank you Ryan and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Fort Myers | November 15 2011
Patrick Logue is on top of his game! Our life is now relaxed after only a one day session. The Bark Buster methods are extremely effective and without question we saw a change in our dogs (Great Danes) by the end of the session. Without question, we recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Ellington | November 15 2011
We have two dogs - a 2 year old Maltese and a 12 week old SBT and the transformation of both dogs since Scot's visit has been amazing. The Maltese was a barker - at everyone and everything - and lived on our couches...not anymore! He is so much better. The SBT listens incredibly well now and is unbelievably good for a puppy. Even our neighbors notice the difference in both dogs' behavior. We have and will continue to recommend Scot - by teaching US how to deal with our dogs and showing us how they think, Scot has made our house a much saner and happier place for all of us! Permalink
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Grove City | November 14 2011
I cannnot tell you how pleased I have been with the Bark Buster's training and with my trainer, Bobb Frecker. My dog is NOW an awesome dog after working with the techniques Bobb taught me (and my dog too). I would highly recommend Bobb Frecker, as a trainer, and the Bark Busters training program to anyone and everyone wanting a well trained dog. My dog is just amazing after a few sessions using the Bark Buster techniques!!!!!! Thank you, Bobb Frecker, and Bark Busters for such an excellent job and excellent training program. I also love the tips on your web site. "Thank you, thank you!!!!!" Sincerely and Forever Grateful, Diane Getz Permalink
Ocala | November 14 2011
Laura using the flip chart to help explain the training techniques is a good learning tool. We were very impressed with how well Lulu responded. The natural training is a very effective method of training. With Laura, we found it to be interesting and enjoyable as well as stress free. We called a friend after the training session and told them all about Laura and Bark Busters! It was a pleasure to see Lulu react in such a positive way. !!! Permalink
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Fort Myers | November 14 2011
The whole training experience with Bark Busters was interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening! The method used by Bark Busters is a sensible, logical training program that works! Patrick Logue was awesome and made so much sense! Permalink
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Fort Myers | November 14 2011
Excellent. 5 Out of 5. Permalink
Detroit | November 14 2011
Excellent in every way. Now I know how my dog Baylee thinks about things around him and how he was the boss of the house. THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS for showing me how to understand Baylee and make him a better dog. Permalink
Ortonville | November 14 2011
WE WERE VERY HAPPY with the training and would recommend Bark Busters. We learned so much in just a short time! The experience was very enjoyable. The training techniques are very simple with GREAT RESULTS! Permalink
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Rockdale | November 14 2011
John has taught us so much about our dogs and their behaviors. He has been extremely patient with us and flexible in working around our busy schedules. With already having a house filled with an 8 year old border collie mix, two cats, and five children, bringing in two puppies(a Great Dane and German Shepherd) could have been disastrous for us. John helped us make sure it wasn't. We can't say enough great things about John and can't be happier that we made the call to Bark Busters! After training with John, we are confident that we will always have happy, well-behaved dogs. Permalink