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Canton | March 08 2011
Saw immediate results/progress the first day. Excellent in every aspect. Permalink
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Ms S Greensboro, North Carolina | March 08 2011
We had Amy with Bark Busters help us with our dog Sullivan back in 2005. We learned so much and have had a wonderful dog for over 6 years! Well, now that he is older, we decided to get another dog form a rescue. Since Sullivan was so well trained we haven't had much to reinforce with him for so long that I was afraid I had forgotten how to start anew with another dog. Well, this new dog is full of energy! Jumping, nipping, grabbing food! So, I went back to my notes and called Amy, with her email recommendations and my notes I was back on track with my new dog. What you learn from Bark Busters is amazing! The education and information is thorough and Amy makes it easy to implement. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Recall
Troy | March 07 2011
If you REALLY want a change in your dog, this helps SO FAST! My Mom returned home and said, "Is this the SAME HOUSE?!" Permalink
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Naples | March 07 2011
Instructions were very clear, both spoken and by demonstration, and they followed a logical progression, providing clarification whenever questions were raised. We observed noticeable results almost immediately! Amazing!! We were very pleased, especially since my puppy and I will enjoy this training experience using the natural training techniques applied by Bark Busters. The whole training experience was both very interesting and enjoyable; held my rapt attention for almost three hours. I would recommend Bark Busters with enthusiasm to friends and neighbors, as June and Colin are professional, fine teachers and very personable with both people and pets. Exceeded my expectations. Permalink
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Crest Hill | March 06 2011
The training techniques were easy to follow and very effective. John was most helpful. We observed noticeable results right away. Hunter walked, sat and stayed like a new and improved dog. We were pleased with Bark Busters non-physical/natural training methods. The entire training experience was very enjoyable. The time went by very fast. John was wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed our session with him. We would invite John back and recommend Bark Busters to our friends. Permalink
Shorewood | March 06 2011
Although it has only been a couple of days, we have seen remarkable changes in our two seven month old Goldendoodles. It is much nicer to have well behaved dogs. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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woodland hills | March 06 2011
I had the pleasure and luck of meeting Mr. Reyes the best dog trainer both my husband and I came across. I have a 1 year old Pom who had major separation anxiety and NO trainer was able to ever help us but Mr. Reyes. Before Mr. Reyes, I have hired 4 different dog trainers who were not helpful and basically told us the same things that we already knew about ours dogs separation anxiety. The difference between Mr. Reyes and other dog trainers are as follows: he puts a lot of time and effort in making the client understand the presenting problem and where the problem stems from. He has a lot of patience and knowledge about all types of dogs. He uses many different techniques to assist with problems that clients have with dogs. he is very blunt that is beneficial to the client. He considers the interest of the client and not the interest of making money. He is also very easy going and comfortable to talk to and is always there to answer your questions whenever needed. Also, when Mr. Reyes came for training, I saw results right away within the first session. He is the best trainer and since then I have referred several clients to him as well. I am so lucky and fortunate to find Mr. Reyes, I highly recommend him for all types of training. Permalink
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Orlando | March 05 2011
Our 3 chihuahuas were driving us crazy. Something had to be done. Jim came in and showed us how we were the cause of most of the bad behavior. Our 5 pound dogs ruled the house and trained us to do their bidding. With Jim's expert help he has showed us how to take back control of our home and become the leaders. I can't say enough of how Jim helped us out. In just one visit he was able to control the dogs barking at the doorbell and to walk like normal dogs outside. Kids on problem! It was amazing. Thanks so much Jim and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Medina | March 05 2011
Jack is a wonderful trainer, very smart and patient! I feel so lucky to have found him and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | March 05 2011
Excellent. Very satisfied. Thank you. Permalink