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Fort Myers | October 15 2011
We recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Cape Coral | October 15 2011
During the first training I immediately saw results as my dogs not only began obeying the trainer, but also ME! The techniques are nothing out of the ordinary, just correct and efficient and the right techniques for my dogs. I enjoyed learning and seeing my dogs change in a positive way. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to any acquaintance with problem dogs and who want to see improvement in their own home. Permalink
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Naples | October 14 2011
June and Colin explained the training techniques both in writing and verbally in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I was amazed how quickly (in minutes) his behavior changed. I had my first full night's sleep since getting Riley. I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters and it is great not needing to use force and still get results. The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable, and I know that the training is for my puppy and ME! I have already recommended Bark Busters, and I am looking forward to working with June and Colin over the next 12 months to transform Riley into a great house pet. Permalink
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Eagle Creek | October 13 2011
Dick was very helpful, genuine, professional and compassionate. Dick worked within the physical limitations and was positively reinforcing any changes for the better. Permalink
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Dundee | October 13 2011
Dick's approach was on few techniques so we could understand and implement them. Too many techniques would've been confusing. Riley was more obedient and responsive. This was a paradigm change for us - but necessary for improving Riley's behavior. Riley wants to please - the training gave us tools for positively communicate what we expect. Permalink
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Naples | October 13 2011
June & Colin, you guys are great. Marley and I enjoyed our first session very much. Permalink
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Garden City | October 11 2011
Maril made the training techniques easy to understand and they worked right away. Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent! Permalink
Charlotte | October 11 2011
Christie is an amazing trainer! I thought my three year old dog would never get over his anxiety and had almost given up. Through Christie's dedication and explanation of the Bark Busters method, I have gained control over my dog in a way that I never thought possible. After Christie's visits, my dog is much more relaxed and has an all around happier demeanor. Christie has taught me more than I could have ever picked up from books or a training class and I would give her my strongest recommendation. Any dog owner would benefit from Christie's training and the Bark Busters' method. Permalink
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West Linn | October 11 2011
Velvet is doing great on everything except come and that's because we haven't been working on it. We had friends over the other day and we had them ignore her and she settled down quickly and came over and licked their hands. She is doing very well with sit, stay, free at the door although now and again she sneaks out. Her jumping has greatly reduced (very rare these days and if she does jump it is just once as she knows it is wrong) and she responds well to "Bah". Overall, all is great and the concerns we had are addressed. When we settle down and focus on come we should have a very good dog even though her anxiety is still higher than average. We are pleased and grateful for your help and enjoy our dog much more now. The cost was worth it and my husband now says our training at Petco was a waste of time. We could have spent the same money and a lot more time with their route and still had a poorly behaved dog. Scary thought. Permalink
Tucson | October 11 2011
I adopted a 4 year old German Shepherd Lab back in 2007 and couldn't believe my luck as "Sadie" was turning out to be the perfect dog: Well behaved, very obedient and incredibly sweet and gentle. Then I took her to the dog park...Turns out she had a serious aggression problem toward other dogs and it became more evident why she was at the pound. As returning her to the pound was not an option for me, I called Bark Busters and Sadie and I began working with Gerard Raneri. Together, we were able to apply techniques to curb her behavior and creatively manage the loop holes as they became more evident. For example, to remove all risk and to calm my own developing anxieties about ending up on Judge Judy, we added an extra Halti leash to the heavy duty Bark Busters leash and then topped it off with a muzzle. That way, throughout the process, if something didn't go well, everyone remained safe. As I sit typing this, Sadie is politely sharing a rawhide bone with my boyfriend's black lab on the living room floor. The beauty of getting the lifetime package is that new behaviors and situations can emerge (such as starting a dating relationship and wondering if I get rid of the guy or the dog if the pooches can't get along...) Thanks to Gerard's help, we averted the crisis and so far, coexisting happily ever after. Many thanks to Gerard and the Bark Busters program! Permalink