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Natalie W Del Mar, California | April 09 2011
I had almost lost hope - and then I called Jan. We have two Yorkies and love them to pieces - but walks had become just absolutely unbearable and embarrassing. At home, they were loving and adorable, but lacking true obedience. We knew WE needed education just as much. Within Jan's first visit, we were so impressed. She is very professional, yet she knows how to connect to our pets and to us. We were amazed at the immediate changes and could tell how much more relaxed and peaceful they had become. We realized that we contributed to the elevated state of mind and she gave us very helpful exercises and homework. We are making steady progress and most importantly, I have renewed hope that we can enjoy things like walks, the park, eating at a cafe, or any other adventure we choose to take! Jan - Thank you!! Permalink
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Columbia | April 08 2011
Marsha was AMAZING! I have two very spoiled Lhasa Apsos who literally ran our home! Marsha taught us that we need to become the leaders of the pack!! They went from sleeping on our beds to being happy to go to their crates which we kept in our bedroom! And, being able to open the front door without them rushing out to greet our guests or to continue barking once they came in was a real accomplishment!! Marsha was always courteous and patient and I feel like I have a friend forever! Bark Busters is the way to go and Marsha is the person you need to train your doggies!! Permalink
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Oregon | April 08 2011
My dog, Nestle, was barking a lot. Greg came in and worked with us for one two and a half hour session. Nestle is NOT barking as often, is easy to correct when he misbehaves. I feel more confident in my leadership skills both inside the house and while we are outside walking. Thanks for your help Greg! Permalink
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Congers, NY | April 07 2011
It was amazing to see how well our dog responded almost instantaneously. Permalink
Joliet | April 07 2011
I learned more in two and a half hours than a six week course at a dog training school. The private lesson with John Sullivan and my two dogs was excellent. Permalink
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Joliet | April 07 2011
I truly enjoyed my experience with Bark Busters. John was awesome and great with my dog Harley. The training gave me confidence that my dog is trainable and very smart. Harley was sitting and stopped barking at other dogs right away. I liked the fact that no treats were used to get him to respond. Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 07 2011
We play a lot of hockey in our family. Patrick Logue with Bark Busters translated the methods and techniques into hockey terms and that was very helpful for our children. The results within one, two hour lesson were very noticeable. The results were amazing! We recommend Bark Busters and Patrick Logue. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | April 07 2011
We have had several trainers and classes for our dog, none of which were successful. Bark Busters is the first one that worked! We are not fond of "treat based" training as it never worked for our dog. The Bark Buster approach is a different approach that we can really do. We learned a lot during our two hour training lesson. After just one lesson we have already recommended Bark Busters to our nephew in Cleveland. Bark Busters was worth the money. I think we'll have a much happier dog and a happier us! Permalink
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Naples | April 07 2011
Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was excellent. He was clear, patient and responsive to our questions. The Bark Busters method is simple and easy to understand. We saw noticeable improvements with our dogs which lasted after Patrick left our home. We are looking forward to the continued results and am confident it will work and Bark Busters can help. Permalink
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Chestnut Ridge, NY | April 06 2011
I can't even begin to express how amazed I was with the first lesson, the experience itself, and the Bark Busters philosophy and training techniques. The results were astonishing! Michelle helped me realize that Rosie really wanted to please me, but she just didn't understand what I wanted. It became abundantly clear to me, in almost a split second, that it is the human who needs training, much more than the dog. Rosie's ability to behave is based on my ability to communicate with her using her own language. It's amazing how much I learned from Michelle. I had no idea for the past three years that Rosie could be such a wonderful, loving companion. I now look forward to training and spending time with her, and seeing the sweetest little face peering up at me waiting for direction. I'll forever be indebted to Michelle and Bark Busters. Permalink