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Paul & Heidi S Lakewood, Illinois | May 24 2012
Echo improved a lot over the training period. It's a lot of work for him, but he is a better dog because of it. Rick took the time to work with us and our dog to make sure everyone was comfortable. We've already recommended Bark Busters to our vet as well as our dog walker. I hope all your trainers are as good as Rick! He did a great job! Thank you! Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 22 2012
You guys did in 1½ hours what other trainers couldn't do in weeks! I live in a high rise and Kenya, my Jack Russell, was the "terrorist" of the building; now they don't believe how well she behaves. Your book, Training Dogs the Aussie Way is an excellent compliment to your training. Permalink
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Eastchester | May 22 2012
You don't realize how much you don't know about a dog until you are trained properly. Permalink
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Mt. Pleasant | May 21 2012
Well worth the investment! Working with James has been a pleasure! He has given me the tools to become Alpha with our two dogs Sunnie and Riley. Before Bark Busters came into the picture I would feel many times overwhelmed and had thoughts of what was I thinking we not only have one dog that doesn't care to listen we now have two! They were taking over our household and making day to day life difficult making me feel that we made a mistake by adding them to our family. Regardless that they have both captured our hearts (dogs have that special gift) :)! Within the first couple of hours of working with James I saw a tremendous difference on how our dogs would react to commands. Since then we have continued to work with them and continue to take back control of our household. Life is so much less stressful and we have seen the amazing bond that we've built with our dogs. They really look to us for direction and know they are no longer Alpha in this house! Permalink
Peotone | May 21 2012
Our dog Harley was a scared yet aggressive he is much happier. Vicky has made working with our dog fun. Instant results were made each visit! Permalink
Clawson | May 21 2012
The training techniques and the reasoning behind them MAKE SENSE! This can help people who are frustrated with their dog so they don't end up dropping the dog off at the shelter or just living with the bad behavior. Permalink
Sullivans Island | May 21 2012
I started working with Michelle in January, when my lab puppy was only 12 weeks old. Riley is seven months old now and I get a lot of comments on how well-behaved she is for her age. This is my first dog and before Bark Busters, I knew absolutely nothing about training or how to raise a puppy. It has been such a great experience working with Michelle -I highly recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Morrisville | May 21 2012
Our dog had severe aggression issues. He had absolutely no hesitation to attack both humans and other dogs. We were concerned that he could not be helped. After working with Jerry our fears melted away. Jerry explained the techniques well and welcomed questions. By the end of the first session we were easily able to calm Max when strangers came to the door or when he saw them outside through our windows. We had never been able to do that before. We appreciated the natural and humane techniques. Jerry showed us how to communicate with Max in a way he clearly understands. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable, and the results were unbelievably effective. Jerry showed us how easy it is to correct Max's unwanted aggressive behavior. We can now have guests over, and take Max with us wherever we go. Jerry was a master of showing us how to communicate with and rehabilitate our dog. He has helped us create a healthy pack both at home and away. Thank you Jerry! Permalink
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North Fort Myers | May 21 2012
Patrick Logue was very professional, knowledgable about dogs and a very good teacher. He was someone I felt very comfortable having in my home. He represents Bark Busters very well. Permalink
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Ingrid S Grand Rapids, Michigan | May 20 2012
There was a lot of information to process but Ken did a wonderful job taking it one step at a time and guiding me in each exercise with Jiff. Jiff was walking at the heel position within minutes after I learned the proper way to correct him. I was very happy to see Jiff responding to a simple growl/correction instead of repeatedly saying the word "no" without success as in the past. It was a great experience for Jiff and I . We are continuing to have success with the Bark Buster Techniques! Thanks so much!!! Permalink
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