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Naples | May 29 2012
Incredible Results - I have had many trainers for the twins and this was the least complicated and showed the best results! Permalink
Bainbridge | May 28 2012
Leigh Ann is so nice!! And explained everything so good!! Permalink
Birmingham | May 28 2012
John explained the techniques in a very fun and knowledgeable way. We have been experiencing immediate and rapid results with Bella. WE ARE SO PLEASED! Permalink
Beverly Hills | May 28 2012
John is a great trainer - a pleasure to have over and welcome at any time. The explanation and examples used were all very clear and helpful. Bauer responded immediately and without any negatives to the training. WE ARE VERY PLEASED. Most noticeable was barking stopped and Bauer allows us to walk in front of him. The systems work great and I will continue to recommend to all family and friends. I already recommended to multiple people. Permalink
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Kalamazoo | May 28 2012
Sheri, we have learned alot from you and we really appreciate the time and effort you have given Susie and us! Permalink
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New City, NY | May 26 2012
Michelle has been so great with follow-up and continued contact! She has been so great to work with in all aspects of Brandy's training. The philosophy of this type of training is wonderful and it works so well. I'm very grateful for the relationship that I have with my dog, due in large part to Michelle's help. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | May 26 2012
Patrick Logue with Bark Busters was right to the point and the method is very effective. We saw a complete change in our Luke's behavior in less than two hours. Bark Busters taught us how to talk dog and Luke listened! We loved the effectiveness of the training. Permalink
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Naples | May 25 2012
June and Colin were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. It was great working with them. THANK YOU! Permalink
Gainesville | May 24 2012
Laura was very descriptive when explaining the training techniques. There was a sudden change in Carmella's behavior with a easier to understand and better approach with Bark Busters' training. I am very pleased with the results of the training so far !! Permalink
Fairfield | May 24 2012
It was so nice to meet you yesterday. Bentley & I feel we have learned quite a lot just from your initial first visit with us. It was obvious this morning that Bentley's mannerisms were still showing the results from your training. I am impressed with how quickly he has responded to giving me my space and his attention when I ask for it. Permalink