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Mt. Kisco | May 10 2012
Mark did an excellent job in his presentation. The technique really works. Very pleased. Previous trainers gave so many treats which I didn't like and the dog got sick. Both my husband and I have learned to be the pack leaders. Jac's issues were resolved with the techniques we applied within one week. It was amazing. We had other trainers for our rescue dog and we were totally disappointed as no results or changes were made with all the time and money we spent. Permalink
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Valhalla | May 10 2012
Mark explained all the techniques in a manner that I could understand. Harry is a completly different dog than he was before the training. He's doing so much better now. I like the "natural" system. I also like that the training collar doesn't hurt Harry. This experience was very interesting and informative. It works!!! Mark is an excellent trainer, who really knows his stuff. My family and I really enjoyed working with him. Permalink
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Middle River | May 09 2012
OMG! Thank goodness for Anne! I have a two year old pekingese that WAS out of control. Barking at the door, biting people when they entered the house, attacking the television, wouldn't walk on a lead, I could go on and on and on! (My husband thought this was ok because he was under the impression that you could not train small dogs, boy was he wrong!)Prior to Anne we hired two different trainers to help with this little guy. We started when he was six months old. The first trainer did the basics, sit,stay,come all done with treats. The second trainer thought that he should remain on a lead while in the house and learn how to use his nose. (bizarre). I was talking about my pekingese to a friend regarding his behaviors that I didn't understand. She told me about Anne George and the strategies she used to help with her dog. My first thought was my husband is going to think I'm nuts.(Another trainer) He did. But I am determined to have people know this precious little guy. (Roscoe) After 6 weeks,Roscoe still barks a little,but doesn't run to the door.(Tools that Anne gave us work)We have had several people in and no one was bitten!!(YEA) Roscoe no longer attacks the TV, when Roscoe is put in a stay position it allows us to enter the house first and then the dogs. I can't explain how wonderful I feel about the training and understanding our role as pet owners in our home.( We are now the leaders not Roscoe!)We still have more behaviors to work on in the next couple of weeks (walking on the lead,waiting in a stay position until called, etc. Again Anne has given us tools and strategies to help in this transition. I enjoy working with Roscoe and seeing the changes that he has made. I think Anne was/still is an excellent choice for a trainer with great results! She understands psychology of dogs/owner. She calls through out the week to see how we were doing. I can't say enough. I will let everyone know how we make out with walking on the lead! Permalink
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Naples | May 09 2012
Colin and June are the best. Dogs greatly improved in one training session. Thank you. Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 09 2012
Amazing results in just hours. Patrick Logue is a great trainer. I loved the products Bark Busters promotes to assist with training. Permalink
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Pelham | May 08 2012
I am totally amazed at the way our Chesapeake Bay Retriever has changed his actions. Thanks to Leigh Ann we will definitely keep him. He is such a territorial dog and I was beginning to almost be afraid myself but now Waylon is a very loving dog most of the time. We have a way to go but with Leigh Ann's teachings he is getting better everyday. Permalink
Thomasville | May 07 2012
Leigh Ann was great with Aubie and showed us many ways to train Aubie. Aubie's behavior improved greatly. The natural training techniques used were great. We enjoyed the time we spent training her. We would recommend Bark Busters to your friends and neighbors. Leigh Ann was great! Permalink
Rochester Hills | May 07 2012
John is very knowledgeable and made it easy to see what we need to do. [We would recommend Bark Busters] because of the knowledge and techniques provided on understanding of the canine (versus human) method of thinking and behaving. Easy to follow; made perfect sense! Applies to everyday life. Thank you! Permalink
Oakland Township | May 07 2012
Understanding how dogs interpret body language and actions was fascinating. Humane and simple; significant improvement in both dogs' behavior almost immediately! I would recommend Bark Busters. Just from the first session, Beatrice's barking has improved greatly! Permalink
Warren | May 07 2012
OMG! I thought it was only on TV these results happened! I am thinking of being a trainer myself one day because it's so great! Permalink