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Aurora | November 06 2009
Results are very rewarding. We are much happier now!! Excellent training. Permalink
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Cape Canaveral | November 05 2009
Terry took her time explaining the procedures and techniques we had to use to help Libby. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first training. Our dog went to Terry! I have already recommended Bark Busters to two others. I have already seen much improvement! I feel so much more confident as a dog owner! Permalink
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Melbourne | November 05 2009
I saw noticeable results be the end of the first training. It was amazing! We are still working on things - but what we have implemented works great. Already have recommended Bark Busters to several people. Very satisfied. Permalink
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Frankfort | November 05 2009
Vicky was extremely enjoyable to work with. Very easy going and very positive. I thought Tekaya would not be easy to train but she was a different dog by the end of the lesson. The training was very easy and effective. Permalink
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Naples | November 05 2009
By the end of the very first lesson I saw amazing results! At first I found some of the training techniques kind of strange, but they really work! Permalink
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Hillsboro | November 05 2009
The natural training techniques all make sense especially when I see how Hoku catches on. Hoku is paying attention and responding nicely. He understands what he's supposed to do. I have already recommended Bark Busters to a couple of friends. Permalink
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Portland | November 05 2009
Even when we didn't understand, Dick explained the training techniques in another way for us to understand. I kept a weekly journal, Week 1 - Week 3 and I noticed a difference in my attitude towards Striker. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques! Much better than the negative techniques I saw growing up. I liked that the training wasn't treat controlled which can be expensive. I have recommended Bark Busters to others already! I explain to them that they must do the training daily for results. We have enjoyed the training. Very helpful for us as well as Striker. Dick always answered our phone calls and emails and assured us we were on track and doing well. Permalink
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Collegeville | November 04 2009
Jeri explained the goals of both our dogs in a way that made sense based on dog packs. She was also very patient and really made sure we understood the techniques. Both dogs were knocked out for sure! But most importantly they were listening to us more and responding the way we wanted them to. We're absolutely pleased with the techniques. I didn't want to go with "treat" training because after awhile the dog stops working. It's important to understand dog behavior and become the leader of the pack. I have already recommended Jeri to my neighbors! Permalink
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Chesterfield Twp. | November 02 2009
John was very thorough and spent quality time with us and our dog. We were amazed at the easy techniques and the immediate results. We recommend this type of training because of the results and the lifetime support. Permalink
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New Baltimore | November 02 2009
John works great with all our animals. It was amazing! What a difference in the before and after Bark Busters !! Permalink