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Beverly Hills | April 16 2012
Laura is thorough and to the point. Pixie is much improved to her previous behavior and is continuing to improve with each session. No treat training is the best method. Permalink
New Lenox | April 16 2012
Vicky is an excellent trainer. We can't believe the great results we have gotten in the short time she has worked with us. Permalink
Rochester | April 16 2012
Surprisingly pleased the techniques were so simple yet effective. RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!! Permalink
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Feeding Hills | April 14 2012
Amazed is the only word to describe this program! Scot is so supportive and patient in guiding me through this ..Can not believe the changes that my dog Spring has made in one session but more importantly how much my understanding is allowing me to become Alpha Dog of the pack and Spring now knows she can relax and be happy that she can hand that job over to me....:)...Highly recommend Scot to anyone looking to develop a better lifelong relationship with their dog. Thanks a million Scot! Permalink
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Wilmette | April 14 2012
We adopted a seven year old Glen of Imaal Terrier who had aggression issues and a Bark Busters collar. After many unpleasant walks, we called Marlene. She came to our home a few days later and started working with us. We have been pleased with the progress and have noticed a lot of improvement. We are very happy with the methods and the fact that we can call for advice when we need it. The policy that the previous owner's Lifetime Support could be passed on to us is wonderful! Permalink
Cary | April 14 2012
Jerry did an excellent job explaining the Bark Buster techniques. The methods are simple and humane. Cassie, our nine week old golden retriever, was jumping and nipping a lot. Our children were afraid to be around her. Now the jumping is almost totally gone. When she occasionally starts to misbehave we use the techniques to stop the behavior immediately. The fear in our children has diminished and they are actually enjoying their puppy. I highly recommend Bark Busters. Jerry is a fantastic trainer. Permalink
Durham | April 14 2012
We have had issues with our dog Brady lunging and barking at other dogs for over three years. We have worked with a couple of trainers in the past with very limited success. By the end of our second session with Jerry, we were able to take Brady to the dog park and walk by dozens of dogs without him lunging or barking! Jerry taught us methods to build our confidence in being our dog's leader. Every day we continue to see improvement in Brady's behavior using the techniques Jerry taught us. Thank you Jerry! Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 14 2012
Patrick Logue, our Bark Buster personal trainer, was very clear about explaining how our dog thinks and related Duke's behavior to our lives in a simple way. By the end of the two hour session I felt like I had control. I felt like we had a new dog! Patrick Logue taught us the Bark BUster method and we were able to speak Duke's language, dog. Bark Busters is all natural! Permalink
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Weston | April 13 2012
Trigger is doing fantastic, such a big difference! We had a guest over last night and Trigger was polite and calm- didn't rush towards the door, no jumping, just tail wagging and lots of pets for his good behavior! We will call soon to schedule another session! Permalink
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Port Orange | April 13 2012
Dear James, Ken and I so appreciate all of your help training Harley, and we think Harley has the 'hang' of it (mom and dad may need more training tho). At this point we are so pleased with Harley's progress... He may not be a 'perfectly' trained pup, but he is now manageable, which is what we wanted. We will continue to work with him more, and if we need help, you will be the first one to know! My grand kids are here, and commented how they couldn't call him "Hurricane Harley" any more. I am just so amazed at his progress. Thank you for all of your help! If you need referrals let us know... we will be more than happy to send. My little hurricane is no longer a hurricane, but a "big boy" now,.... AMAZING change. Thanks! Permalink