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Naples | June 05 2012
The training methods were easily understood and WOW what fast results! Permalink
Riverside | June 05 2012
My family and I adopted the Norco Dog of the month for April 2012. Ray, hansome American Staff Terrier (also known as a Pit Bull to you political correct folks). At first was quite a handful when we brought him home and after a about 2 days I was convinced that the best place for the sake of my family and to keep my house in 1 piece was to keep Ray outside. However after 1 session with Wendy and a bit of coaching Ray started on the path to being an inside dog and becoming a part of our family pack. Today Ray is still sleeping inside the house and no longer needs to sleep in his crate at night. In fact he sleeps on the floor in my son's room in a dog bed. Thanks Wendy for all of your help. Permalink
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Gladstone | June 05 2012
Lisa is excellent at explaining how to accomplish our goals and making it very realistic to achieve. I was amazed at how well our puppies responded. They caught on very quickly and have been making excellent progress. It was very encouraging to have training techniques that could rely on voice tones and body language alone. The time seemed to fly by. Lisa was a joy to work with. I have already recommended Bark Busters to two friends! Permalink
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Tigard | June 03 2012
Lisa was very easy to work with. She explained things, had us try them, and then explained what could be done a little better. Some of the changes in our dog were immediate - walking to heel, following us through doorways, even getting into his crate! It was eye opening for us when when she explained that when the dog does something wrong, he's not a "bad dog," he just made a mistake! We were excited to learn this "new" way of training and to see the results! (this was a new type of training for us!) I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It was so great to spend time learning new things and then see the results. I could not be happier with the experience! To learn that were were the ones who needed the help and that our dog would then respond was an eye-opener! Permalink
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Orange park | June 03 2012
Hard to believe but no more nipping or biting! Permalink
Dallas | June 03 2012
Boomer has done a complete 180 degree turnaround since Rebecca's visit. He heels on the leash and is so much more calm and submissive in the house. My wife and I are the pack leaders now! If you want to learn the tools to make your dog a well behaved member of the family call Rebecca! Permalink
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St Johns | June 03 2012
James was well spoken and taught us the training techniques by being very interactive. He also gave us the reasoning behind the techniques which was very insightful! It was like we had a new dog! Quite Amazing! Because James was able to explain the pack mentaility, we understood and were please with the natural training techniques. These techniques were also do-able. Past trainers gave us techniques that did not fit into our lifestyle. The training experience was both interesting and enjoyable. I loved how interactive it was and how James was empowering me to train my dog. He made it seem so simple. We plan on referring as many people as we can. We really enjoyed James in our home. He never seemed rushed. He was educated and treated our dogs with love and respect. Permalink
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Brewster | June 02 2012
Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of canine behavior, which, by the way, is explained during the first session, can follow these easy and logical techniques. They are almost universally applicable to any and all "bad-dog" behaviors. Mark made the training "idiot-proof," easy and enjoyable with his knowldege, experience and droll humor. It is logical, easy, thorough and affordable. This is one of the world's best-kept secrets around in home dog training. Permalink
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Rockledge | June 02 2012
We waited to return this, to see if the training stuck. It did! We are extremely pleased with the concept and results. Permalink
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Fort Myers | June 01 2012
The results after one, two hour lesson with our puppy and our 11 year old dog were unbelievable. Bark Busters has changed our life in a matter of hours. Permalink