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Beaverton | March 26 2012
Lisa was very thorough and complete in her explanation of the training techniques. She was able to use her "dog powers" to calm down Ellie and I can learn from what she did. It was interesting, fun and Ellie and I both liked the training. On day one, Lisa gave me confidence that I can do this. I had gotten so many differing opinions that I was confused. I have hope this will work. Thanks, Lisa! Permalink
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Dani G Rio Rancho, New Mexico | March 26 2012
Normally our dogs would have been demanding our attention with a visitor in our house , but as Jim guided us through the training they were quite content laying at our feet. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
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Bothell | March 24 2012
I was first introduced to Bark Busters five years ago by my veternarian. My two bassett hounds were have difficulty transitioning to a new apartment and the resulting separation anxiety led to howling for hours on end. Trainer Jack Knudsen (in Redmond) was very helpful and showed me how to lead by example, that is become my dogs pack leader. At Jack's suggestion I purchased the Lifetime Service Guarantee. Fast forward five years..... I just moved into a new apartment home and again, my dogs were having a difficult time transitioning to their new digs. Remembering something about the Bark Busters' guarantee I called Jack Knudsen and was given Connie Dubois' number as I'd moved to Snohomish county and was thus out of Jack's territory. Connie was great. She called me back within minutes of my voicemail and agreed to meet with me, FREE OF CHARGE. Not only that, she stayed for TWO HOURS! Connie was very thorough and patient with me as she went over practically everything I'd learned five years earlier. She was professional, compassionate, and gave me the confidence to resume my role as pack leader. My relationship with my dogs has improved and I feel confident leaving the house now, without worrying about my dogs howling. Thank you Connie! Permalink
Denver | March 24 2012
Robin was awesome! After the first session, the same night we came home from work and our dogs stayed back from the door--and Scarlett didn't get overly exuberant. Very pleased with the Bark Buster's natural training techniques. The training was great. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 24 2012
Within the first few minutes my dog, who barked for 6 years at everything or at nothing, no longer barked or ran out the front door when someone arrived. Ten days later she barks much less and will get in he chair when someone comes to the door. She also has stopped barking at me when I go outside for a few minutes. Bark Busters training works. PERIOD! Permalink
Dallas | March 24 2012
Best results in fastest time. Glad I called. Permalink
Southfield | March 23 2012
Maril was so easy to understand. She's explain it a few different ways and then keep reviewing as needed.The dogs were already listening better and I felt more in control by the end of the first lesson. It is so great and I'm so glad my dogs aren't expecting treats for doing the things they should like sit, down. . . Of course it's always more enjoyable when the dogs start listening. And with this training they were listening right away! IT'S GREAT! To go from out of control dogs, to dogs that will sit and wait to go outside, won't rush the door and are just overall much better in just a few days. That's amazing! Permalink
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Howell | March 23 2012
These processes changed my thinking completely about dog training and made so much sense. After Maril left, my dog and I had the most peaceful day since he's come to my home. I am a very non-violent person and these techniques felt very comfortable to me. I have owned and trained several dogs but Mac is the most strong willed animal that I have owned. Learning this new way gives me new tools for my tool bag. I work with horses and this approach is easily transferable to improving my relationships with them. Plus it gives me practice for when Mac & I interact. Although I had bonded with Mac, if this training had not worked, I would have been forced to return him to the organization he was adopted from. I feel certain that he would then have been put down for his aggression. Mac bit a dear friend so I had to keep that in perspective. I am also recently widowed so another loss would have been devastating to me. Thank you for improving my quality of life by helping save my new friend Mac. Permalink
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Meghann M Grand Rapids, Michigan | March 23 2012
Bark Busters training has been a lifesaver for my and my dog Skylar. We now can enjoy each others company and build a stronger bond. After the first training session there was a noticeable difference of how Skylar reacted to my commands. We now can enjoy a happy life together. Thank you Ken and Bark Busters. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Chewing, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Recall
Orland Park | March 22 2012
Roger was much calmer and listened right away. I would recommend Bark Busters. I'm very excited to see the changes and enjoy Roger! Permalink