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Eastchester | July 07 2008
I am extremely pleased with the Bark Busters approach. My dog responded immediately. It was surprisingly easy. Mark Lieberman is a superb therapist. Permalink
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Bedford Hills | July 07 2008
The doctor (veterinarian) and I were both very happy with the techniques used with Missy and would be glad to recommend your services to our clients! Permalink
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Sleepy Hollow | July 07 2008
We have seen an improvement in Maximus' behavior in just a few days of using the new techniques. Permalink
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Minooka | July 07 2008
The difference within this first month has been remarkable. The techniques are easy to apply and practice. Permalink
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Lakewood Veterinary Hospital; Office Manager | July 07 2008
The training was enjoyable & results were fast. By the end of the first session, there was improvement in my dog's behavior & she continues to improve using the techniques I was taught by Brian Kornreich, my Bark Busters therapist. Permalink
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Golden, Colorado | July 07 2008
We noticed by the end of the training session that Clyde was really listening & focused on us and Brian was very helpful. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Troy | July 07 2008
Amazed at how quickly our Haley responded to the training techniques! Lisa is a natural trainer --- so patient with us and supportive. I've already shared with my friends how pleased we were. Permalink
Rochester Hills | July 07 2008
It was amazing! We couldn't believe the immediate results! Our dog didn't respond to anything prior to Bark Busters. Permalink
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Pottstown | July 06 2008
Murray the Greyhound was having night aggression problems. He bit his previous two owners at night. Murray had also lunged at dogs while walking and had bitten both of us while trying to get him into his crate. We knew that we needed help and being his third home, we were his last chance. Jeri worked with us to gain Murray's trust with some simple exercises, and she made us aware of Murray's body language so we could be ready to correct him on our walks and at home for any wrong behaviors before they happened. Jeri suggested we move Murray's crate into our bedroom. She felt that if Murray were closer to us, then he would be more willing to go into the crate and less likely to bite us. From that first night, Murray went into his crate with just a single word command "crate." We close the door to his crate at night to help manage the night aggression, but we have seen a big change in Murray. He seems so much happier. He is even eating more regularly now. We are very happy with the Bark Busters method and Jeri. Our dog has really made progress thanks to you and your suggestions!! Murray thanks you, too. Permalink
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Odenton | July 05 2008
I can't believe what a short time it took to make some progress. I told my husband it would take a miracle. Sharon did a fantastic job and we couldn't be more pleased. I say "we" because I feel a difference in my dogs' attitudes, especially Mariah. All 3 dogs seem more quiet and relaxed hopefully because they are starting to think, "Maybe our mom IS the leader of our little pack & we can take a well-deserved vacation after 12 years!" ~ I took the 3 of them for a long walk/run. They did very well and I had no problem controlling them, which is quite unusual. They did not bark at anyone including a few dogs close by. They did not bark at all in the car at a stop sign with a couple walking by with their two dogs. Normally, the car is shaking, literally, all over and I cannot keep them quiet. I'm beginning to like my power!! Permalink