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Minnetonka | April 05 2012
I couldn't believe how well Kody understood and responded to the "bah" growl technique. It works! We had used the clicker/treat method in the past and it always bothered me that we had to give him a treat to get the desired result. I prefer using praise. Jean is great. She's always ready to come out and help. Even on garbage day! Thank you! Permalink
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Minneapolis | April 05 2012
Even after one session, it was like we had a new dog! Permalink
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Naples | April 05 2012
WELL WORTH THE MONEY! The training techniques were concise, direct and reinforced in several ways and precisely demonstrated. I observed absolutely amazing results after 3 hours, after which the results continued to be demonstrated by both dogs. June and Colin's communication skills and technique of conveying my role as "pack leader" and their personalities made the training experience interesting and enjoyable. I would be happy to recommend Bark Busters (already have) and am also 100% absolutely happy for you to use my comments in a testimonial. Permalink
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Lester | April 05 2012
Amazing! The first visit with Mike, he achieved results with our 4 year old Rottweier. His calm spirit and intelligence has taught us how to handle the problems with our dog Roman. We have results and continue to work on the procedures to help our dog. Thank you so much Mike! Permalink
Brunswick | April 04 2012
I was very nervous about spending so much money on something that is not guaranteed. But will say so glad I did. I adopted a blind Rot and even though he is such a good boy he and I both needed help and guidance with some training. With in the first appointment I was so amazed on how well he listened to me and the changes I was seeing. After the first lesson I kept up my practicing like instructed and have been so very pleased with the outcome. Kathy and Betsy really worked with me and my dog Krueger. They explained everything and are just totally great people to be around and work with. I could not explain how happy I am with them and their services they provided. Besides being trainers they become your friend too. Krueger also really enjoyed their company. If anyone is every looking for training for their dog, especially with a handicap like mine I would highly recommend Betsy and Kathy and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | April 04 2012
Excellent in every single aspect. Both Colin and June together make for a great team! Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 04 2012
Patrick and Bark Busters are great! The training and trainer are both outstanding and exceptional. Permalink
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Staten Island | April 03 2012
Hi Fred! Just wanted to let you know that I've been working with Samantha everyday. She is doing soooooo well. I can actually walk her now. I feel like I have someone else's dog. We encountered a dog that escaped from their yard on the street this morning. I walked the other way but Sam didn't FREAK out like she normally does. She stayed right by my side! She didn't even bark. She also let someone talk to me while we were walking. Amazing. Thanks so much. See you in a couple of weeks. Permalink
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Watkins | April 03 2012
First, I want to say that we are so very happy with Bark Busters and the results we have seen with our dogs. We have 4 dogs on our farm, and they are truly our family members. Specifically, I would like to tell you how happy we are with Becky Glenn. She is absolutely awesome. My Son has been a believer of "The Dog Whisperer" , but was still having some challenges with his new German Shepherd puppy. I told him about Becky and how she successfully helped us with my chocolate lab several years ago. We reconnected with Becky to work with his new puppy and for additional work with our other dogs. After the first session, my son said he was able to enjoy the evening with his dog, without frustration. We cannot thank Becky enough for what she is doing at M&M Farms. Permalink
Harvey | April 03 2012
Excellent; signed up for a second session. Very pleased! Permalink