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Thomasville | February 25 2010
Leigh Ann explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Very interesting-I am starting to think like a dog! Murphy was more submissive by the end of the training. I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. The training pillows and water bottles are great! I feel like a new woman! Empowered with a plan of action! Now the whole family is on "the same page," and we will be the leaders of the pack! Permalink
Ochlocknee | February 25 2010
Leigh Ann explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. I was VERY surprised to see barking at strangers controlled!! This was a BIG issue when they came into our home. Leigh Ann was very positive and professional-encouraging. Permalink
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Sherwood | February 25 2010
I felt like I understood Dick's instructions very easily. Even in the first 5 minutes, I noticed a HUGE change in my dog's demeanor. I was very pleased because I knew she was not being hurt at all! I enjoyed every second of it. I also felt I learned so much. Would I recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors? FOR SURE! I want to tell the whole world! I feel so relieved to know I can now have someone like Dick to call whom I trust completely. Permalink
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Hillsboro | February 25 2010
Dick informed me of the dog's reasoning, which helped me to understand the dog and get into her head, which made her respond greatly. Knowing some background about pack mentality made many training techniques make sense to me. Permalink
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Portland | February 25 2010
Dick made all points clear, very easy to understand. I love that there is no pain or treats to show dominance. The better Cooper gets, the better I feel about it. It's pretty expensive, but once we change our training methods, we will have a new dog. I can tell that this is just the beginning for Cooper but his change in attitude alone has been a huge difference. Permalink
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Mr L Kernersville, North Carolina | February 25 2010
I worked with Amy with Bark Busters over a year ago. I typically do not write reviews, but I wanted people to know that this training really works. My family and I were so frustrated with our dog when we had friends come over. He would bark, jump and never leave them alone. He pulled on the leash and made walking him miserable. I will admit that I was skeptical because my wife did training with him in a class. It worked to some level, but we still had the same issues with friends. A year ago the issues stopped and they are still gone today. This training included the family and it really makes a difference in how you can be happy with your dog. If you want to train your dog in a way that works, use Bark Busters. It worked on the first day and is still working today. I am a big supporter. Permalink
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Jennifer P Houston, Texas | February 25 2010
Very easy to understand and remember. Very noticeable difference - Tucker responded amazingly. Am I pleased with the natural training techniques? Very much, it's the first time training has worked. This method deals with communicating to dogs in their language, which is brilliant! This is worth every penny! Permalink
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Newberg | February 23 2010
Dick made a lot of sense, explained things very well, and set Eve and I up for success. We were very encouraged by Eve's progress in just one session! At 4 months, she was sitting, staying and coming on command. Dick is very patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. He is very easy to work with. Permalink
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Detroit | February 23 2010
Maril-Great job! The principle problem I wanted to handle was the quietness (less barking) and teaching the puppy not to be on the bed when 2 persons are in the bed. (He is 83 pounds and very big.) This was affected the first 2-5 days! After 10 days the crate was removed, and he happily sleeps in his own bed on the floor. Magically he now counts the people in the bed! When there are two he now goes to his own bed. If there is one in the bed, he enjoys naptime on the bed, which is exactly 100% what he was supposed to learn. I believe this home training to be way more effective than any other type of dog training. This really deals with the undesirable behavioral situations. I have recommended Bark Busters to my friends because it works! Permalink
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Sherwood | February 23 2010
Because my puppy started training at only 3 months of age, I expect to see more improvement over the next 6 months as well. I was impressed that the training did not revolve around food treats. The training experience was interesting-yes. Enjoyable-the majority of the time, although with a young puppy there were some frustrating moments as well. Permalink