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Hazel Park | July 13 2011
The work done by Bark Busters is AMAZING and it WORKS. Tsumi is MUCH more responsive to me after the first session. After meeting with John, I feel confident and comfortable training my dog using non-physical methods. I found John's metaphors and stories used to relate the training to my life both interesting and enjoyable! Permalink
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Parkville | July 13 2011
Anne George has been working with my dog Zion for about 2 months and we have already seen great improvement. Zion used to be a very anxious dog who thought he had to protect us from everyone and everything. He is also a very hyper and energetic dog. Every since we started working with Anne we learned to talk to Zion in "dog" language. Zion responded to the training in the first visit and has been improving ever since. He is less anxious and now allows us to be in control of different situations. He is learning that we are the leaders of the pack and he needs to follow us. I would recommend Bark Busters and Anne George to anyone that wants to understand how their dog thinks and train their dog by using different techniques that their dog understands and will obey. Permalink
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Delmar | July 12 2011
Excellent! Good explanation of and demonstration of techniques. Permalink
Isle of Palms | July 12 2011
Interesting and readily comprehendible - thinking of the dog as aware of primarily the present moment and of the family as a pack were very helpful. The human communication and instruction were both very clear! We definately recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Aurora | July 12 2011
Excellent training all around. I look forward to a continued friendship with Robin, my dog Shiva and me! Permalink
Denver | July 12 2011
Robin explained the techniques so it was very easy to understand. Just after the first session, we've seen great improvement in behavior in the house and on the leash with our dog, Summer. Well worth the lifetime guarantee. Our "terror" of a dog is now the dog we always knew we had. Permalink
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Hudson | July 11 2011
The dog actually seemed to enjoy being directed on his actions. Rachel was very professional, on time, and very helpful. Permalink
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Ballston Lake | July 11 2011
Very well informed - interesting and helpful to our family and Bailey. Thanks!! Permalink
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Niverville | July 11 2011
Excellent! Our dog took very well to training. Positive reinforcement! Rachel understood how we felt and made us feel comfortable, knowing there is a lot of work ahead. Our dog is big and loveable just needs some guidance and we felt this training session was positive. Permalink
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Anaheim | July 09 2011
Frank helped us integrate a newly adopted dog with our "resident" dog. From the very first session we saw a big change. Our resident dog, Bella, was used to running up and down our fence line chasing anything and anybody that walked by our house. We always thought that it was a "cute" behavior but this was causing problems with our newly adopted dog, Kaya. Frank helped us understand that Bella's behavior was a dominant act. At the very first session, Frank taught us how to control Bella's behavior. This not only improved her interactions with Kaya but also made Bella a calmer dog. Another great achievement for us, was learning how to control our dogs reaction to people coming to our door. We are now able to greet people at the door without having the dogs cause chaos. We liked Frank's methods because he focused on teaching us to be calm assertive pack leaders without the use of force or treats. Kaya and Bella are getting along great and our home is happy and calm. Permalink