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Riverside | February 26 2009
I am so pleased with the way Wendy trained me and my dog, Elijah. Before she trained us, Elijah was very aggressive to the point I was considering putting him down. I decided to get him neutered, then I called Wendy. She taught me the techniques, and by the end of the first visit, I saw a noticeable change in him. He is now a very happy and loving dog that is no longer aggressive. Wendy saved Elijah's life and has made me so very happy. She explains things to you so you can understand the way your dog thinks and responds. She takes time to listen to you and how you interact with your dog. She makes the session adaptable to each person and their specific needs. Wendy shows the client the way to respond to your dog to get the desired response from your dog. The thing I like most is Wendy lets the client put their personal touch on it for how it works best with them and their dog, and it is okay as long as the desired result is accomplished. I would recommend anyone with a dog that needs training to call Wendy. She loves animals and has their best interest at heart. She also cares about the dog owner and making them relaxed and happy with their dog. Permalink
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O'Fallon | February 26 2009
Libby and Linus are more aware of our leadership. This has made for a great household. The training experience was great -- our attention as well as the dog's attention was kept. Kathy was wonderful. She is a pack leader to learn from. Thank you. Permalink
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Latham | February 26 2009
Rachel Baum was terrific. She understood our training problems and our dogs. She was extremely helpful. Permalink
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Rensselaer | February 26 2009
Rachel is very nice and made sure to be personable about all my pets. I would recommend Bark Busters 110%. Permalink
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Scotia | February 26 2009
Rachel made it fun, and we had some good laughs for all the mistakes we humans make with our dogs. Corkey was calm, sat down, did not jump on us, did not bark. Rachel is an excellent trainer. Natural training has opened our eyes to new ways for our lab mix and they are very simple to get results. Rachel made the training experience fun and enjoyable for all of us. She included our daughter who is handicapped. Your training program is excellent. We all have learned so much from Rachel. Practice makes perfect! Rachel Baum is a terrific trainer! She had our dog under control in a 1/2 hour. Permalink
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Albany | February 26 2009
She was very clear and professional in presenting material. Rachel's examples and demonstration were easy to understand. To our amazement (and that of my dog)! He immediately responded to the growl and praise. He was shocked the first time I growled at him. I am very pleased. Bark Busters is what we have needed. I wish I had known about these techniques years ago. We were never bored for a minute. I already have recommended Bark Busters to someone. Permalink
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Johnstown | February 26 2009
Her explanations and demonstration of techniques made it very clear and easy to understand. Our dogs were very difficult in the many areas of bad behavior and we understand it may take longer than with most other dogs. Rachel explained why our dogs were showing the behavior which helped us understand how important it is for us to use the training every day to and to be consistent. Permalink
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Delmar | February 26 2009
Very surprised how well he responded. Permalink
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Colonie | February 26 2009
It was awesome. I feel like the mystery is gone. I now have a simple technique that really works. Thank you! Permalink
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Canby | February 26 2009
The training techniques were explained clearly and examples were used. By the end of training, Melody was picking up techniques faster and responding very quickly. We like that Bark Busters does not use treats as a reward, rather just love and attention. The experience was interesting and we saw results! Permalink