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Alpharetta | February 02 2012
We worked with Bark Busters back in 2009, when a different trainer was covering our area. We hadn't been as consistent with the training as we needed to be, and were still having issues. We contacted Bark Busters, and even though it had been two years, Ryan came out at no charge to help us get back to basics with our training. We can already see a difference after just a few days, and we're excited to keep using the techniques he showed us. Definitely highly recommended! Permalink
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Estero | February 02 2012
After one, two hour lesson my friends and neighbors have commented on what a positive difference they have seen in Lucy, a Morkie. The support materials are excellent. I refer to them often. Also, Lucy no longer barks at me when I am on the phone now. Absolutely wonderful! Permalink
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Houston | February 02 2012
We have a six pound Pomeranian whom we got at 9 months of age. She is now 2 and has always been a barker and jumper with a mind of her own. Donna came to our house and in two hours had trained us on how to train Bandi. She had us well on our way before she left. Bandi has made huge strides in all areas and we are very happy with the results. Permalink
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Naples | February 02 2012
The presentation at the beginning opened our eyes as to how Lexi "thinks" and we were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. These were explained in a way that was very informative and easy to understand. We observed noticeable results after just one lesson - Lexi was different immediately after the training. She went from being hyper to being calm. The lesson itself was both interesting and enjoyable, and we have already recommended you to friends and neighbors, and 2 coworkers have already signed up! Thank you so much for bringing out the best in Lexi! Permalink
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Chicago | February 01 2012
I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors--got results! I was pleased with the natural training techniques and found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. Looking forward to next visit. Permalink
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Joliet | February 01 2012
The training instructions were easy to understand. Good practice session. I would recommend Bark Busters to a friend. Permalink
Joliet | February 01 2012
John not only explained the various techniques, he demonstrated and guided me while I did them. I was truly astounded at how my dog Chief responded to him. The training techniques make sense and are not difficult to do. I feel like with this guidance, I will be able to train Chief and make both of us more confident. John is a great teacher! He explains so you understand, demonstrates techniques and give praise to both the dog and the owner. Permalink
Morris | February 01 2012
I wish I heard about John Sullivan and Bark Busters earlier. I am at piece now and so are the dogs. Permalink
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Wilmington | February 01 2012
We were at the point of giving one of our Yorkies away because of the fighting between them, when our vet recommended Bark Busters. We thought, why not, let's try it and so we made an appointment. John Sullivan, the dog trainer from Bark Busters, came out and explained everything very well and showed us how to work with and train the dogs. What he told us about the signs and behaviors of the dogs and us as the owners were spot on. He explained and then showed us how to correct both what we were doing and the dogs as well. We realize that this is going to take some time to correct, but we know that if and when we don't feel that what we are doing is working, then he is just a phone call away. We feel confident in our new knowledge that we can get our little dogs under control and getting along. Thank you John! Permalink
Coal City | February 01 2012
John took the time to explain everything in great detail. He was very gentle and great to work with. We loved him. Permalink