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Cortlandt Manor | July 22 2011
Mark was very clear and thorough every step of the way. Results were observed before the end of the first session. No nonsense results! Permalink
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Ardsley | July 22 2011
We understand that we need to be more consistent with the training. Mark's manner is very reassuring. Champ is making great progress! Mark is available to answer all our questions and concerns. Permalink
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Yorktown Height | July 22 2011
Bark Busters helped us understand a dog's way of thinking and behavior. Permalink
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West Chester | July 22 2011
Alan was happy to go over each step as many times as necessary to make sure I was getting it right. I was absolutely amazed at how quickly Sam responded. I was completely satisfied with the all natural training. Loving firmness is emphasized. Both Sam and I have fun learning! I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and family! The Bark Busters method is extraordinary. I thought Sam was incorrigible! Alan helped me to understand what he and I needed and to communicate with him in an effective and rewarding way! Permalink
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Chester Springs | July 22 2011
The trainer explained everything first, then showed us and guided us through it the first time. He also continually supports our training. I am a few months into training with my dog Winston and everyone can notice how much more well behaved he is. I was very pleased Bark Busters did not use treats to help train my dog. I was also very surprised he responded so well to the natural training. I enjoy seeing Winston continue to improve and respond to the training techniques. I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and family! I am very happy Bark Busters was willing to help with Winston's behavioral problems. Before Alan's help I had considered putting Winston back up for adoption, now I am so glad he is still with me! Permalink
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Ormond Beach | July 22 2011
Linda was very thorough & explained everything to our satisfaction. She answered all of our questions in a way we understood. We were amazed by Buddy's acclimation to the training and his willingness to want to please us. We prefer this natural method. We did not expect to enjoy it but we really did and we learned so much that has already helped us. We absolutely will recommend Bark Busters. We think Buddy is going to be a challenge but we have Linda to lead us though the hard parts. Permalink
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Jacksonville | July 22 2011
We were so pleased, it was so simple! We were impressed with the first training lesson. Our dogs actually learned. Glad training was not based on treats. We would recommend Bark Busters. We feel we made the best choice for training our dogs. Linda exceeded all expectations! Permalink
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South Daytona | July 22 2011
Linda was very clear on explaining everything. ReRe was able to walk on a leash and not follow my every move! It was excellent! I told Linda that I felt as if I learned just as much if not more than ReRe. Hands down I will recommend them. They are awesome! Great experience, fun, fast & friendly! Permalink
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Edisto Island | July 21 2011
Having started and run an international dog rescue organization for 8 years, I've seen my share of dogs and their owners in crisis. Too many times, despite re-training with a number of different styles, we could not help avoid a sad end for the dog, unable to make that dog safe, appropriate, and dependable in their human environment. While my current three dogs were not a safety issue, their uncontrolled barking and dog aggression -- and other unmannerliness -- didn't make us popular in our new neighborhood we'd moved to...and none of the approaches, techniques, or gear I used gave us any measure of improvement. Enter Bark Busters. You know I had to be desperate, because here I am, the one who mentors other owners, asking for help with her own dogs. We've had only two meetings so far, but I have been hard at work with the training exercises Michelle has outlined for us. Everyone who visits the house has commented on the huge and obvious shift in our dogs behavior, already. The Bark Buster approach is radically simple. Because it is so targeted, it is immediately effective. We now have a peaceful house, and a peaceful yard. And Lola, our dog who had the most issues and who I thought might have to be re-homed, has become gentle, sweet, and attentive. It is as though her anxiety and ADHD-type behaviors have simply disappeared, through this training. In our training session with Michelle yesterday, our second, I could actually take each dog out for a walk, and they heeled appropriately after perhaps less than 5 minutes active training. She believes we will be able to gradually move into walking all three dogs at once -- since I'm still recovering from a left arm broken in three places by these dogs running me over, I'm in shock that such a thing can be achieved. But I do now believe all of Bark Busters' claims about the effectiveness of this training. I've seen it, and it works. It's not inexpensive by any means, but is worth every penny -- it's giving me calm, mannered dogs I can work with, enjoy living with, and who are responsible and reliable in a larger world. I think that's what we're all looking for in our dogs, after all. Thank you Bark Busters! Thank you Michelle! Permalink
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Fort Myers | July 21 2011
Thanks so much! The results after just one, two hour lesson are incredible! It is amazing all the other "ideas and theories" that are out just need to go with Bark Busters and their natural techniques which teach you how to understand your own dog and how to communicate so your dog will understand you! Just incredible! Permalink