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Sound Beach | November 05 2010
We have 3 Golden Retrievers & were having some serious sibling rivalry! Our trainer Jason was able to get the root of the problems quickly & we saw immediate results. Thank you for explaining the canine & human relationships. We will continue to work on achieving a peaceful, happy home for all! :) Permalink
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Marco Island | November 04 2010
We had a very pleasant and rewarding training session! Thank you June and Colin. Permalink
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Portland | November 04 2010
I've already recommended Dick and Bark Busters to 2 of my friends! Permalink
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Orange Park | November 04 2010
We were amazed at the instant change in some of Cotton's behavior. Permalink
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Gulfport | November 04 2010
Maureen absolutely delivered for us! We were very skeptical as to whether any simple training methods would be helpful with our two dogs. They had violent fights that left both of them bloodied, and nothing worked to stop them once they started, or more importantly, to prevent them. Maureen spent time explaining the reasons for our dogs' behavior, and then training us to change it. She was great!! We are so thankful we found help before we made the very difficult decision to find another home for one of our beloved doggies. Thanks Maureen!!! Permalink
Naples | November 04 2010
After my father passed away, I was left with my mother and SIXTY. Sixty was a young Beagle and I was not used to living with a dog for years. Colin and June not only trained SIXTY but also me as we were about to leave for Germany. Within 3 weeks Sixty not only got used to me but even accepted me as his leader. Being in Germany now since August, SIXTY improved and turned out to be a willing and learning dog. Thank you June and Colin for your assistance and the method you brought near to me. Unfortunately Bark Busters is not found in Germany. Permalink
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Denver | November 04 2010
Robin, I just had to let you know how good Brewser did this morning after our lesson yesterday. I met up with a neighborhood friend and his dog Bear. Brewser behaved so well that I was able to stand within 5 feet of my friend and have a 10 minute conversation! Amazing! Brewser didn't yank, pull or growl. He just acted sort of bored, sat down and was so well behaved. I love my new dog! Thank you! Permalink
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Perkiomen | November 04 2010
Jeri and I hit it off immediately. My Bella has made such improvements since we applied the techniques that Jeri showed us. I look forward to our continued success. THANK YOU Jeri! Permalink
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Audubon | November 04 2010
Jeri explains things so I can see how and what to do to get results. With practice and a strong commitment to the techniques results do occur. I like that I don't have to use hot dogs, cheese or treats. Dogs are smart and will respond to the training, you bond with your dogs. Permalink
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Lower Pottsgrove | November 04 2010
Jeri was very informative and I learned a lot about dog behavior, posturing, foods, toys, etc. We like Bark Busters methods as we did not want to use a "shock" bark collar as recommended by other trainers. Jeri is always available for help either via email or phone-very attentive. Great personality! Permalink