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Monee | December 28 2011
The results of the first training session far exceeded our wildest expectations. Our dog responded immediately both to Vicky and to us as we applied what she taught and modeled for us. It was almost funny to see our Hovawart figure out that Vicky had his number and that we were in on the conspiracy to get him to obey us as well. My husband had all but given up on seeing any positive responses from our then newly adopted dog. But instead Bard has steadily grown into a wonderful companion for us, one that loves to work, to please, and that we actually have fun training instead of dreading handling him in public. Permalink
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White Plains | December 28 2011
I already have referred Mark to 2 people. He's clear, consistent, positive, thorough and friendly as well as punctual. Permalink
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Eastchester | December 27 2011
The training technique makes a lot of sense. Guido is getting better every day. Thanks so much! Permalink
Fair Grove | December 27 2011
Well we had our second session with Stan this week. He introudced Heike to the Bark Busters training collar to us this week and it has worked wonderful! We have gotten comments over and over on how well Heike is doing with her training, and how well she behaves. I can not wait to the next lesson so we can continue building on her obedience. If you are obrehensible about hiring Bark Busters as an in home trainer, I can give you my word that Stan is very compassionate and caring with the dogs! I love hearing "how good Heike is behaving" I do the homework everyday as prescribed by Stan. Very good training. Cant wait for the next training time. Thanks again for the insite Stan, you are a wonderful trainer and friend! Keep up the good work. I reccommend Bark Busters to everyone.......... Permalink
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Tucson | December 27 2011
Gerard was great! We were concerned that our rescue dog was not going to be a good choice as a family pet. With a few visits and some homework Gerard turned this dog around. I can't believe how adept Gerard was at identifying the root cause of the problem behavior and then instructing us how to motivate the dog to do the right thing. As a plus, he comes to your house and he is a great guy to work with. I will be calling him again the next time we get another dog. Permalink
Oxford | December 26 2011
WE LOVE OUR DOGS AGAIN! We were pleased with the results and still are! Very helpful and informative. Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | December 26 2011
JOHN IS AWESOME! [He] was cordial and humorous --- realistic about training. [He] made us feel comfortable and competent to carry out the training exercises. Permalink
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Fort Myers | December 25 2011
We have seen major improvements with our two Staffordshire Terriers after just two sessions. We recommend Bark Busters for their humane, natural and pleasing method for training. Permalink
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Cape Coral | December 25 2011
The training techniques made me realize what I have been doing wrong over many years of owning dogs. At the end of one, two hour lesson the dogs still need work but I did see a definite difference especially in one of my two Labradors. The Bark Busters method is easy to understand and enforce. It is up to me to make it work! The approach is easy for anyone to understand the basic philosophy, no matter how large or small the behavior problems. Permalink
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Louisville | December 23 2011
Within 15 minutes, we had a new dog! We were thrilled to see how adaptable the methods were for our unique situation. Permalink