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Mount Washington | September 23 2010
Doug was great. Very knowledgeable. You could tell he loves what he does and believes in the training material. Permalink
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Jacksonville | September 22 2010
Linda was a very good trainer and our dog showed improvement that evening from being very aggressive to submissive. We are working with our dog to try to instill the changes. Permalink
Royal | September 22 2010
I was amazed! It was cool to see Sweetie's mind "click!" Permalink
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West Bloomfield | September 22 2010
Very relaxed feeling and enjoyable. A pleasure to have Truffles learn on the first day! Permalink
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Burlington Township | September 21 2010
Kurt was very knowledgeable and an excellent instructor. Bailey has responded extremely well to the techniques! We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you! Permalink
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Gulfport | September 21 2010
Maureen was great! She explained to me the techniques of training, and she showed me the techniques. I was so amazed how my dog quickly showed that she understood that she was the under dog. Maureen took the time to make sure that I understood how to communicate with my dog. It has been a week and my dog has learned so much. I recommend her to anyone that has a new puppy or even an old dog that wants to learn new tricks. Permalink
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Springfield | September 20 2010
I find the Lifetime Support package extremely appealing and well worth the money. The value behind that type of support is priceless. Permalink
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Yorba Linda | September 18 2010
After 4 years of living with behaviors I didn't want my dog to have, I thought the home dog training would take hours and hours of time commitments to fix the problems. Not so! After the first training session, my dog learned how to follow our commands and how to behave properly. My dog is no longer hyper and is much more relaxed-SO AM I! We can have friends over and not be embarrassed by our dog's behavior. Wendy is a great trainer and she is great to work with. Permalink
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Naples | September 17 2010
Being a lifelong dog owner, I have never felt more confident in training than I do after this experience. Understanding the way dogs think and behave has made all the difference! Thank you!! Permalink
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Montgomery Village | September 17 2010
Hi Jim-Just wanted to let you know that your suggestions have made Abigail improvement w/ ALL the dogs. Even Simon! Thanks! Permalink