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Monroe | February 14 2008
Everything was explained very well and easy to follow. We saw noticeable results and Daisy is doing very well with the training. We now understand the "pack" & "dog talk" procedure. It was a very enjoyable experience, and we would recommend Bark Busters because we saw results immediately. It was a lot to absorb in one session, but we realize the importance to aggressively continue and to also praise, praise, praise"! Permalink
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Thomasville | February 12 2008
Does Bark Busters have a program for children Permalink
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Lithia | February 12 2008
Our dog was an aggressive mess, but by the end of the training, we got our dog back! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Hebron | February 12 2008
I had taken my dogs thru regular training classes, but they still did not listen to me. They would bark at every little sound, my husband couldn't even walk through the house without being barked at, never mind company come over. They would pee all over the house, even after being outside: it was getting very annoying. I had just about given up on ever having a peaceful household when I heard an ad for Bark Busters. I figured why not I tried everything else. Permalink
Fitchburg | February 12 2008
The visuals were very good. It's unbelievable! A complete 180! We wanted to learn how to teach Ike that we are the alphas in the pack hierarchy. It really works! Permalink
Madison | February 12 2008
We saw immediate results! We enjoy our dog again & I think he feels the same about us! Thank you! Permalink
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Oak Lawn | February 11 2008
She was very clear and explained everything so I understood right away. I observed noticeable results after she left, and I used the training methods. They responded to bahhh immediately. I was amazed! Yes, Vicky made it fun and not stressful. This is only day 2 and it is working already. It can help any dog. My dogs are really pretty good but they still have problems. I know they will be corrected. Permalink
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Palos Heights | February 11 2008
The dogs are beginning to respond and were engaged in activities. Dogs seem calmer - key is consistency and catching them at the appropriate moment. Individual training was much better than the group sessions we previously attended. Permalink
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Tallahassee | February 11 2008
Leigh Ann did a great job with explaining the techniques in a friendly and fun way -- very nice personality! The dogs responded right away and started focusing on me immediately. It went well and I was glad that the dogs responded in a positive way, and I am hopeful that it will make a lasting change. Permalink
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Westerville | February 11 2008
The training was excellent & precise. I always knew exactly what to expect & how to proceed when Greg left. His followup is also excellent - which provides a comfort zone for a first-time dog owner like me. Permalink