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Naples | May 04 2009
Effective. Patrick explained the pleasing, natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I found the lesson to be interesting and enjoyable, and it yielded results by the end of the lesson. Permalink
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Muskego | May 04 2009
The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. This was good for me as I am not experienced enough to train Rocky on my own. Rocky is making strides as I am being corrected for my mistakes. I am pleased with the natural training techniques. Natural is the best in my eyes. The training was interesting, enjoyable and challenging for me as well as challenging for Rocky. I would recommend Bark Busters as opportunities arise; I always tell people Bark Busters is here to help train me and Rocky. Rocky and I are making positive strides even with family and other pet distractions. Permalink
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Dallas | May 04 2009
Rebecca has been great to work with and really listens and understands the issues we're dealing with. Since moving to Dallas recently, our 2 dogs have had difficulty adjusting and developed frustrating barking and aggression issues. With simple techniques we've been able to immediately resolve barking and loose leash walking issues. We're very encouraged that Rebecca will help us get Macy and Bailey to a calmer state of mind; they've already shown great improvement with only 3 sessions. Permalink
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Pine Beach | May 02 2009
When I adopted a boxer (Tyson) from New Jersey Boxer Rescue, my vet recommended Bark Busters for training. Tyson was a typical nutty young boxer who would grab (and often eat) anything, jump all over everyone, chase other dogs to play with them, and who at one point totally wrecked my house. Paul was amazing with Tyson. I had a new dog in one session. Tyson was immediately calmer, more relaxed, and happier. He understood his place and became more affectionate than ever. After only two sessions, I had a dog who would walk on a leash with his head touching the back of my hand, who would meet another dog and look up at me for direction, and who would stop and sit instantly, with no command from me, if I stopped at a cross street for traffic. I have recommended Paul to all of my friends who have dogs, and one of them who is visiting his mother in Florida just called to tell me that he called Bark Busters there for his mother's dog and he is thrilled with the results. Thanks, Paul, from Barbara and Tyson! Permalink
Daniel Island | May 02 2009
Bark Busters is a lifesaver! My Shih Tzu/Poodle Mix is much better behaved thanks to the techniques that James & Michelle taught me. The best part is it's all done without clickers or treats. Highly recommended. Permalink
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Plantation | May 01 2009
Thanks for today! My mom said Ivy did great! We really appreciate the fact that you brought over one of your dogs to work with Ivy. That really did the trick and helped us see what was really happening. Permalink
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Pembroke Pines | May 01 2009
Thank you, Bruce. What you taught me today really worked! Before today, every time I would let Snickers out, he would run to the grill and start barking. Today when I got home from work, I let Snickers out in the backyard; he went right pass the grill to the grass and came right back into the house. Thanks again! Permalink
Denver | May 01 2009
I observed noticeable results by the end of training. I was much calmer AND my dog was much calmer! I was pleased with the natural training techniques. It makes so much sense to me rather than throwing treats every two seconds. There was a connection between Robin and me. I felt she understood my expectations and fears. For our situation, it's worth every penny. I want a family dog, not a potential catastrophe. I think we've got the pet we want! Permalink
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Newton | April 30 2009
We heard about Bark Busters from a friend who had used the training and raved about it. We contacted Paulette before we got our puppy so that she would be lined up and ready to go as soon as our new baby came home. Paulette gave us excellent advice on how to make the coming home and acclimating into the new pack successful. The first Bark Busters session with Paulette and her son, Jon, was very informative, with a combination of showing us hands-on techniques, giving us handouts to later refresh our memories and reinforce the goal of each type of training and lots and lots of explaining about how to speak and understand "dog." We felt very comfortable with Paulette and Jon and saw right away how the techniques worked. We began our training that very day and have continued to train daily. Whenever we have hit a snag or our puppy gets to a new developmental stage, we call Paulette and she gives us advice on the phone and arranges a visit to our home within a day or two. Paulette is very responsive, and I have never waited even a day for her to return my calls. She is very respectful of our time and arrives at our home at the scheduled time. One of the most comforting aspects for us with Paulette and Jon in particular and Bark Busters in general is that once you have signed on with them, they will advise and help you for the life of your dog. Our dog is 6 months old now, and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with Paulette, Jon and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Chester Springs | April 30 2009
After just a few days, we saw noticeable results in Quinn. Permalink