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Lakeland | November 11 2011
Amazing how quickly both my dogs responded! Makes sense so it is easy to understand. I have numerous clients ask me about training concerns so it is nice to have personal experience with this method so I can refer them. Permalink
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Stillwater | November 11 2011
The training techniques were simple to understand. I really liked the fact that it was not a treat based technique. The instructor was very knowledgeable and confident. I have found the training to be very effective. Permalink
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Minneapolis | November 11 2011
Great to break it down to the canine behavior and thinking process. Think it is important to react to them like an alpha dog rather than a human's natural response. Your whole training program is with the dog in mind and they respond great to it. Steve Schaffel was very encouraging during the training session. I am very excited and happy to follow through with these training techniques. Thanks for all your help! Permalink
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Oakdale | November 11 2011
Absolutely amazing! We saw an immediate change that progressed over the weeks. It was very effective to understand a dogs "psychology" from the beginning so we could put Zoe's behavior in perspective. We particularly welcomed the trainer's demeanor toward Zoe and and that the training was not "treat based". Our dog really needed the help - or better we did. Just learning about pack behavior and the dog's world is so valuable to us. Others should learn these topics. Well done! Permalink
Auburn Hills | November 10 2011
I was at a loss because I felt OUR DOG RAN ALL OVER US. I now feel more IN CONTROL. There is a light at the end of our tunnel now! THANK YOU JOHN AND BARK BUSTERS!! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | November 10 2011
We were shocked at how quick and easy the training was and the positive results. Patrick Logue was very informative and helped us understand the issues we were having and why we had those issues with our dogs. The humane methods of training and how quickly we saw results is why we recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Ravenel | November 09 2011
My dog Lil Bit (Chihuahua) has made a complete turn around! He was biting and acting aggressively towards me, I wasn't sure he could be helped. I loved the trainer and am so grateful. Permalink
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Naples | November 09 2011
We saw results during training and the methods seem to be very effective. Permalink
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Cape Coral | November 09 2011
Bark Busters' training was the first time dog training made sense. We have had three other dogs who all went through training, but not like Bark Busters. Within minutes our Cali, a Labdradoodle, was not longer rushing the front door when the doorbell rang. After just one lesson she seems less stressed and had a very long nap after the initial lesson. The techniques made sense and the approach was very interesting and enjoyable. At first I was nervous, but Patrick was so helpful. I have already recommended Bark Busters and look forward to having visitors coming to our home and enjoying our walks with our "new" dog! Permalink
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-Ann Gallo | November 09 2011
June and Colin are the BEST!! Permalink