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Noth Potomac | September 10 2011
Glenda started working with us 6 years ago, in 2006 and my dog has been the best dog we had so far. We moved 3 times to different addresses in Montgomery County and she came back when we needed her every time with no cost. My daughter is 2 years old and she can walk a Cocker Spaniel around the block without any problems. That's how awesome she trained our dog Luna. It was very worth it. "SHE IS THE BEST"! Permalink
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Schaumburg | September 09 2011
Chris is patient and loving and treats my dog with love and tenderness. Most importantly, I wanted my dog to quit chasing cars and trained. Chris Guth did that. I'm very happy. My dog is much improved. Permalink
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Naples | September 09 2011
We were very pleased with the dog training results of Bark Busters. Permalink
Auburn Hills | September 09 2011
Duke has been barking uncontrollably for SEVEN YEARS!! After the first session, I saw IMMEDIATE improvements! The training is effective and fun. John was great! Permalink
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Frankfort | September 08 2011
Vicky is very thorough and patient. Amazing how well we learned to keep Wrigley away from the door. I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. It's nice to get control back from our dog. Permalink
Gainesville | September 08 2011
Laura took her time to explain the techniques and made it very easy to understand! Our dog Lola responded to the training right away and it has made such a huge difference in her and us! The natural training techniques are great and work well in every situation and I definitely feel in control! We enjoyed the learning so many things through this experience and enjoy working with our dog Lola. This has been a wonderful experience! I would recommend this program to anyone with a dog problem or adopting a new dog/puppy! It has made such a difference in our lives with Lola! Laura is such a wonderful trainer! She takes her time with you and makes it such a positive experience! We would recommend her to anyone and this program has made our home a happier one with Lola! She is a different dog! Permalink
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Homer Glen | September 08 2011
I observed noticeable results by the end of the training. My dog is much less fearful and much calmer. Love the "BAH"! We have a changed pet. Our pet went from a calm environment of an older man to our chaotic home of 7 kids. He was fearful and aggressive. Now, he realizes we're the leaders. He's comfortable with us and is so relaxed he even lays down during the day. Permalink
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Homer Glen | September 08 2011
If you work with your pet every day you can see the results. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. The techniques are very good and nothing is done that is abusive. The therapist explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow. Permalink
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Matt C Albuquerque, New Mexico | September 08 2011
Jim was excellent. We liked the way he was very patient with us and answered all of our questions! very pleased with the techniques. No negative training;we like that!We are very lucky to have found Bark Busters and Jim to be our trainer! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety
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Schaumburg | September 07 2011
Working with Chris has been a great experience. We saw immediate results at the end of the first session and continued to see results as we furthered our training. Chris is truly interested and excited about helping us learn techniques that are easy to follow and understand so that we can follow through. You can see how passionate Chris is for her work and the animals. Permalink