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Galloway | November 25 2009
My wife and I were very skeptical about the "bah" and ease of training that Kurt had originally presented. I think it is important to note that it had been 14 years since our last dog and my training methods were yelling and a rolled up newspaper. We brought Kurt in because we had just purchased a golden retriever and wanted him to be trained properly in overall obedience. An additional benefit is that we often have our daughter's 5 year old Chihuahua, who has no training what-so-ever and is the worse dog I have ever walked on a leash. Kurt was very observant of both dogs during the initial visit and presented us some very interesting insights from an outside perspective. We were shocked after the first lesson on how well the Chihuahua was doing on leash and obeying the "bah" command. It was like it a magic collar and leash. Our Golden Retriever, 7 months old, has taken to the training extremely well and we have received numerous compliments from strangers about how well behaved he is, especially at just 7 months. The follow-up by Kurt is a great added touch and his genuine concern and caring approach make him a pleasure to work with. Kurt will certainly make you a leader of your pack, provided you commit to the plan which is not time consuming or difficult. You also make a lot of friends who want to know what "bah" means. The problem I have now, is that my wife will "bah" me! Thank you Kurt and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Dallas | November 25 2009
My client recommended Rebecca for my renegade Labrador! I saw a huge difference after the first session and after a few months of de-throwning him, he is beginning to see me as the Pack Leader. We still have quite a ways to go, but with Rebecca there to guide me on, Brody will become the best dog ever!! Permalink
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Derby | November 24 2009
We are very pleased at how quickly we started seeing results! Thank you very much for all of your help! Permalink
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Hillsboro | November 23 2009
Mr Messenger was very patient and easy to be around. If the training goes as expected, I will sing Bark Busters to the high heavens. Oscar seems more mellow now. Permalink
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Canby | November 23 2009
Dick is patient and understanding if at first you don't understand. I very much observed noticeable results by the end of the first training session. My dogs are able to go above and beyond my expectations. I like that the system is no force and you don't have to feed your dogs loads of treats. Dick made it fun and educational. I've already started recommending Bark Busters as people see me train my dogs. Permalink
Aurora | November 23 2009
WOW!!!!! Robin, I have wanted to write you for days since our first training...I am so amazed with the progress in Shadow using the training you showed us! Unbelievable! Permalink
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Cherry Hill | November 22 2009
The lesson far exceeded our expectations. Kurt Schroeder is excellent! Permalink
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Mount Laurel | November 22 2009
Kurt was at our home for 15 minutes and I literally felt like we had a new dog! He gave us tools to feel confident in training our dog. Permalink
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Moorestown | November 22 2009
He is very articulate and patient. He does not mind repeating information. I have already recommended this service to friends whose dogs need it. The trainer was kind, soft spoken and pleasant. I recommend him without reservations. Permalink
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Marlton | November 22 2009
The therapist explained the technique then had us demonstrate it until the technique was done correctly. Doyle has shown great improvement in his behavior. He listens better and is more respectful. I like the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. I agree with not rewarding a behavior with a treat. I found it to be interesting and easy to learn. Permalink