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Sylvania | October 20 2010
Excellent all the way around!! Very impressed! Permalink
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Sylvania | October 20 2010
Cheryl was very good in pointing us in the right direction for correcting Blackie's behavior. Permalink
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Perrysburg | October 20 2010
A happy pet is equivalent to a happy family! Cheryl is very positive, upbeat and kept my interest. She shows great knowledge and genuinely wants to help us help our pets! Permalink
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Monclova | October 20 2010
Even helped my 2-year-old daughter walk my dog. It was like we had a different dog!! No pain, just voice. Trainer was very friendly and helped us with daily problems. I would certainly recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Toledo | October 20 2010
Pepper was exhausted! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
Oakland Township | October 19 2010
It works! It's simple and can be performed anywhere, anytime. You don't have to go to an evening or weekend class. Permalink
Oxford | October 19 2010
I was AMAZED at how fast Kaiah responded and CONTINUES to respond. I was excited to SEE RESULTS RIGHT AWAY and how I felt respected as the "leader" by Kaiah. It all makes senses with regards to how dogs act and think. I'm looking forward to more training and tips! Permalink
Royal Oak | October 19 2010
It was GREAT to see the new techniques making an impact already! Permalink
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Menomonee Falls | October 18 2010
Nikki was very clear and I was able to relate to her. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters! I really enjoyed working with Nikki. Permalink
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St. Louis | October 17 2010
We saw awesome results. I have recommended Bark Busters already. I love Kathy! She has been great with my dog and has really given me techniques that have worked. She has been accessible anytime I have called and helps me with any problems ASAP! Permalink