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Huntley | December 11 2007
Incredibly fast results within first hour. Permalink
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Elgin | December 11 2007
We were amazed how Lexie responded. She became a pleasure to walk & it sure helps to know what to do. It works. The trainers are knowledgeable and patient. I could see the importance of follow up and reading the information packet from the first visit. Permalink
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Oakland | December 11 2007
Jim Lory was very impressive and we saw immediate results with our dog. I couldn't believe it!! I was pleased with the natural training techniques. At first, I thought Jim was crazy, but in no time, he made me a believer. I didn't want Jim to leave. My dogs have never listened and behaved this well. Permalink
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Lakewood, Colorado | December 11 2007
Brian was great! He helped me understand how a dog thinks. Brian went out of his way and helped me build a fence, so my dog could use the backyard. I am forever grateful! Permalink
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Canal Winchester | December 11 2007
Greg is an outstanding trainer. Zoey came so far with his help. She now is a much better behaved puppy. Without Greg's help, we would still be pulling out our hair! She is so much better with our grandkids, we feel safe with her being around them now. She also comes when we call her the first time. Permalink
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Broad Brook | December 08 2007
The theories and techniques make logical sense and they work! Permalink
Makesan | December 08 2007
We were very shy, but Linda was very relaxed and encouraging. We noticed results right away! I was open mouthed shocked at the quick results. I am glad no treats are used. The "bahhh" is very effective. We were entranced. We did not really think it would work, but it did and we could do it! It is different and takes getting used to, but is wonderful. The system is great for the dog and for us. I have read many testimonials and never believed them...never saw proof, but Bark Busters is the real deal! I am still shocked at how well it works. Permalink
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Maitland | December 07 2007
The dogs are not barking when the doorbell rings. They are sitting at the door! It was amazing and it only took five minutes. Why didn't I do this sooner? I was amazed at something as simple as standing up when you corrected the dog seemed to be more effective. The wealth of information was so helpful, especially about foods and nutrition. Permalink
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Apopka | December 07 2007
Mike's demeanor made the training session a calm event instead of the intense training we have had before. The trainer explained the process and reasoning behind the training in a clear and simple way. The results were amazing. The training process and techniques were positive in nature and easy to follow. The entire process is geared toward success. Permalink
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Orlando | December 07 2007
I was totally amazed that Buzz responded like he did. I love the concern for the dog's safety and state of mind. It was hard and frustrating at first but became easier as time passed. I noticed a difference in Buzz in one session. This training will make Buzz a much more enjoyable pet. Permalink