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Oak Park | June 07 2010
Chris Guth is a fantastic teacher. She is great with dogs and humans! The "bah" technique works wonders. Chris was very responsive to our needs. I felt comfortable calling or e-mailing questions. Her response was always prompt. I have moved to Washington state and am teaching the "bah" technique to my current dog walker/sitter. Initially, I was struck by the cost, but it is worth the price. All my dogs (three) have changed for the better. I will enthusiastically recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Montrose | June 05 2010
I was present at a talk given by Mark Lieberman and was impressed by his knowledge; I learned a few facts about dogs that I did not know. I would recommend him as a good source for talks at schools, especially grade school children and their parents. Permalink
-Clendenin | June 04 2010
Sophie the Shetland Sheepdog, here! Because of Bark Busters' training, I now walk calmly by my owners' sides, sit upon command, and, for some reason, they still are working with me to not bark and chase the garbage truck along the fence line. Permalink
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Denver | June 04 2010
Scott-I just wanted to thank you again for spending time with me and Mambo the other day. The change is unbelievable; really, it doesn't even seem like the same dog! He is focused on my feet when we walk together, rarely trotting ahead and never pulling on the leash. I can't believe what a difference one short hour with you made. Thanks again. Permalink
Crompond | June 03 2010
Mark is a fabulous dog trainer. He also does a great presentation to school-age children about dog safety. It is a huge issue, and the lessons he teaches bring safety and harmony into the homes of dog lovers in our community. Permalink
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Gretchen T East Grand Rapids, Michigan | June 03 2010
We felt like we had a new dog-that we really liked. Ken is a wonderful trainer-and person. We proudly brought our dog Priscilla to a friend's cottage and she did great- Thanks to Bark Busters! Permalink
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Louisville | June 02 2010
My son and I were at our wits' end with Rascal wanting to jump and bite all the time. Ryan, my son, would literally have to run from room to room to get away from her. Now he can walk and she follows behind him. We are both much happier now. We saw instant results with Doug's training. Rascal's response has been amazing-I am having fun with the training and so is Rascal. Permalink
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Long Grove | June 02 2010
Mary has a lot of dedication and patience with us and our dog, Nikko, and gives us the time we need. We like the program because the approach is kind, firm and quick. But what we like the most is that it is in our home environment, where the problems are ... our dog responded very quickly. Permalink
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Shelton | June 02 2010
We would recommend Bark Busters, as the training makes sense and the support is phenomenal. It is an excellent program. Vicki and Richard have been most supportive. Permalink
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Las Vegas | June 02 2010
Christine really nailed it on the head for us. Cooper responded to her from the start, and we feel so much more confident in our training. Christine takes her time and corrects us when we digress. Cooper seems pleased to know what is expected of him, and that's because of the program Christine developed for us. We feel free to call on Christine at any time and know she will help us figure it out. Christine was a great fit for our family. Permalink