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Corona | July 06 2011
I have three dogs [Max, Charlie and Chloe], each with a distinct personality and walking "gait," requiring three separate daily walks. My family was becoming annoyed with the dogs' behavior whenever visitors arrived at our house (barking, nipping), so, as a Father's Day present, they offered to pay for a visit from Bark Busters. Wendy Blanch arrived at our house and, after only one visit, I can see incredible changes/improvements in the dogs' walks, especially the two little dogs, Charlie and Chloe. And my family can see improvements in their behavior when people enter our home. I didn't think that the dogs would respond to this training any time soon, but it was almost instantaneous, especially in the behavior during their walks. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who had a "problem child" dog or simply a dog that the owner wanted trained. Thanks Wendy. Permalink
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Orland Park | July 05 2011
Excellent training! Permalink
Philadelphia | July 03 2011
My dog is much better behaved. Michael gave us some excellent tips and invaluable training for our 3-year-old Wheaten Terrier. He is appropriate when the door bell rings and does not jump on guests unless welcomed to do so. Michael's calm demeanor and insightful interpretation of the situation made training go so smoothly. Thanks so much! Permalink
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Naples | July 03 2011
We have tried all sorts of methods to train our two, five year old dogs and nothing was working. Hiring a trainer was our last resort. Bark Busters was the only company my veterinarian recommended and I see why! I love that the Bark Buster method is so easy. By the end of the training my two small dogs were behaving and responding so well! It was amazing! I am very pleased with the natural training techniques. I am not rewarding with treats or having to use mean discipline. My family and I had so much fun learning how to "talk" to our dogs. Patrick made the whole lesson enjoyable! I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone that is need of a trainer. It was very easy to follow, you see immediate results and the cost is affordable. I wish we would have hired Bark Busters years ago! Permalink
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Redmond | July 03 2011
We have two labs that needed attention in different ways, and Jack was able to create a lesson plan to meet each dogs individual needs. He came prepared with a variety of dog friendly tools that we could use to better our communication during training. We learned how be better pack leaders, and had a great time with hands on exercises and instant results! We are looking forward to our follow up visit and would recommend Jack to anyone looking to better their dog's behavior. Permalink
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Evanston | July 01 2011
Marlene and Howard have been wonderful!! Whenever we've needed them to reinforce anything, they're there in a heartbeat. We've seen dramatic improvements in our dogs behavior (especially our big guy). We could not be happier that we went with them!! Permalink
Trainer note from Howard & Marlene : We also engaged their nanny when their baby was born.
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Bridgewater | July 01 2011
Wow, I could not believe these were the same dogs after Tom left. The training methods worked perfectly and the dogs seem so much more calmer. I wouldn't have believed that we could live in a house with no barking but we do now. I highly recommend Tom and Bark Busters. Permalink
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Stratford | July 01 2011
We loved the training methods and the simple way Tom explained everything. Already Tyson is quieter and not nipping at all. I will recommend Tom and Bark Busters to all my friends. Permalink
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Parkville | June 29 2011
Anne has been working with my family for over a year with our dog that is very skiddish. "Max" would cower at the sign of a human and hide. Since working with Anne, Max now checks out visitors and new people and sometimes even lets them pet him. We just got a 9 weeks old puppy, "Emma", and Max showed signs of aggression towards her. I was sure I had made a mistake and one of the dogs would have to go. Anne came to the house and helped me introduce the 2 dogs. What a SUCCESS! Thanks to her help they are now playing together regularly. I don't know what our family would do without Anne. She made a chaotic house a happy and harmonious home. She's amazing! I would highly recommend her to anyone with a pet. Permalink
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Naples | June 29 2011
I was amazed on how quickly we were properly communicating with our dog on a level HE understood. The Bark Busters method is the one that works, that's why we recommend Bark Busters. Permalink