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Louisville | June 30 2010
The program was easy to understand with diagrams and models. Matilda was already becoming more attentive and obeying commands. I couldn't believe how fast our dog's horrible habits improved and almost disappeared. I recommend Bark Busters to everyone that comes into work with dogs that act that way. Permalink
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Langhorne | June 29 2010
WOW, Pete! Sometimes I was really at my wit's end with Cody. He's a sweetheart but needed manners and discipline...we're all working together; with your help, Cody is more secure and well-behaved. Can't thank you enough and always appreciate your help as well, congrats. It's reassuring to have you (Dr. Pete) on hand for the good and bad. Your knowledge and patience has made it much easier to understand and work with Cody. Thanks, Pete, for becoming a member of our pack (family)...couldn't do it without you. Permalink
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Naples | June 29 2010
Excellent in every single respect - we were amazed at the understanding of our pet. Permalink
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Haddon Heights | June 29 2010
I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training to my friends and neighbors. Within days I have noticed a big change in Baron. I wish I knew of Bark Busters 6 months ago when he was 3-4 months old!!! Kurt's methods are easy to follow and implement into my daily life with Baron. Permalink
Sewell | June 29 2010
Kurt was very thorough. He explained everything so I could understand it. Within 10 minutes, the dog stopped barking. This was Bailey's last chance before returning him to the breeder. The training session was interesting and enjoyable. I couldn't believe how fast it worked. Permalink
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Ankeny | June 29 2010
My dog Rambo is a particularly extreme case, but your methods work. I know that with practice, by Deb's second visit, things will be much better. Deb made sure I understood things before going on to the next step. Bark Busters uses unique training methods that work! Even though the training is a little costly, it's worth every penny of it. You guys are just great. Permalink
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Tallahassee | June 28 2010
Leigh Ann did in 30 minutes with my dog what I had been working on for five years. My little doxie had terrrible barking problems, and with Leigh Ann's help, I hope that it will be a thing of the past. She gave me the tools to eliminate the problem. Permalink
Greendale | June 28 2010
Our 2-year-old female puggle was way out of control and recently had started snapping at our 8-month-old baby. We had two options: it was to get her to completely change or to get rid of her. Jan came over and showed us things that were actually working! She made us realize that this whole time our dog thought that she was the pack leader. It is only day 2, and already we notice a difference! I can't believe we will eventually have a normal dog! Permalink
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Portland | June 27 2010
Dick was excellent in showing charts and explaining what to do. Cisco is a challenge. We continue to see positive results. We hope and trust that the main reason we called Bark Busters will get resolved. The techniques were presented well, but they are difficult to implement on your own. Dick makes it look easy. I have already recommended Bark Busters to three families. We are very pleased with the program. We believe Cisco was traumatized in some manner before Project Pooch rescued him from a shelter. He has a terrible time while on the leash and seeing other dogs. He does great at doggy day care and a dog park. We are working on this with Dick. The program has helped to make Cisco the perfect dog in the house and at home in the yard. Your program is gentle and does work. It does take practice with the family. We think Dick is an excellent trainer and very patient. He really spent time listening to our frustrations. He has been very quick to return calls and answer questions. Our 10-year-old son Robert did his school current event report on Bark Busters in May 2010. We love our Cisco so much. We thank you as a family for working with us. We so hope that this situation will become easier so Cisco and all of us feel safer and happier. Permalink
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Marco Island | June 26 2010
I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable, and I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink