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Patricia W High Point, North Carolina | January 13 2010
Four years ago, my goal was to have my friends come to my house and sit in my living room without the dog growling and attacking them. The dog had issues of fear, insecurity, and excitement which he displayed in territorial aggression - house, car, etc. The dog would charge the front door attempting to attack. It took time and work, and today I'm happy to report that I can have friends sit comfortably in the living room, petting my dog and he is comfortable with them. The first Bark Busters visit with Amy Clear was truly amazing. She taught me how to get my dog submissive and focused on me with some new techniques. I couldn't believe it. It worked immediately! I practiced all the BB techniques faithfully through the years with lots of phone calls and visits from Amy. She ALWAYS made herself available to me whenever I had questions or with difficult training issues. I deeply appreciate the ongoing relationship my dog and I have with her - Amy is a dedicated specialist and a great teacher who gets desired results quickly. I recommend her highly, without reservation. Permalink
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Naples | January 12 2010
June and Colin were very professional and thorough. They got our dog to stop screaming at cars, and I NEVER thought that would happen, and it was also miraculous to not have him charging the door. There is a confidence that you achieve in all of this that you don't get from many training methods. My husband especially learned a great deal and plans to take a much more hands-on approach with our dogs. June and Colin did a fabulous job! They made great strides with Trevor, and we hope to continue with what we have learned, and Trevor will be a much happier dog! You both are great! Thank You! Permalink
Naples | January 12 2010
A transformation occurred in the session - complete change in behavior. This natural method is beneficial, most enjoyable and full of knowledge. My Alyssa is now acting as one would like a canine to behave - one session!!! Permalink
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Tinley Park | January 11 2010
I loved seeing my dog respond right away in a positive manner. The therapist was wonderfully friendly and encouraging. The process is easy to understand and follow. It is a personal approach to developing good doggy behavior. The program is logical and easy to follow. Training in my home tells the dog immediately that we all mean business! Permalink
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Orland Park | January 11 2010
The session/materials were very helpful & informative. Our trainer, Vicky was very professional & knowledgeable. Permalink
Woodruff | January 11 2010
Hi Larry, I just wanted to give you an update on Oscar. You worked with us on his aggression issues about 2½ years ago in Woodruff, SC. We have continued to work with Oscar everyday, using your techniques. Oscar no longer charges the door when visitors come and we can have guests in our home without him threatening them. He was successfully accepted in a Doggie Daycare center (Camp K-9 in York) and attends on a regular basis. Acceptance to Camp K-9 is only granted to dogs who complete an interview process which includes interacting with other dogs and strangers. The ladies who work there tell us that Oscar is one of the best behaved dogs that attend. While Oscar is not perfect and will never be allowed around children unsupervised he is a real pleasure to have in our family. None of this would have been possible without your assistance. I continue to enjoy your newsletter and look forward to receiving the next one. Permalink
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Henderson | January 11 2010
I am very pleased with Christine's training lessons - I am noticing a difference in both dogs (Golden Retriever and Dachshund). I think the Bark Busters training is fun and it's amazing to watch Christine's control over the dogs. They are really responding - even my 12 year old stubborn Dachshund. I don't have to feel badly about correcting the dogs because it's all very humane. I have recommended Christine to people I talk to who have puppies too - particularly the energetic breeds. Permalink
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Flossie M Alto, Michigan | January 11 2010
Ken was easy to understand. The training technique is easy to use. By the end of the first session there was a noticeable change in C.J.. In a few days C.J. had more freedom in the house and was getting along much better with the grandchildren and the cats. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling, Toileting
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Stephanie S Kentwood, Michigan | January 10 2010
I was absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques- I will never pull my dog around any more! I will only use my hands for praise and attention. I wish I had more time to soak in all of Ken's training knowledge. Ken was wonderful- so helpful, made quick assessments-always followed up- was calm and so very helpful. Permalink
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Cape Coral | January 09 2010
Patrick was very educational and an asset to Bark Busters. The training techniques used by Bark Busters are natural, easy and make sense. Permalink