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Downingtown | March 01 2010
Alan was very good explaining the techniques for my girls. Hailey was calm with her barking at the end of the training. I have told friends about the process already! Permalink
Stoughton | February 28 2010
Greg was very professional and explained things to us clearly. We have an Aussie and a Pyrenees, and he understood each dog very well and enlightened us to why they were behaving the way the were and taught us some humane techniques that are working very well with them. Thanks Greg! Permalink
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Elk River | February 28 2010
Three Shelties create a challenge. Little did we realize that one 3-hour session with John would be so rewarding. In one quick lesson, we now have 3 dogs that would attack the front door when the doorbell rang into 3 well-behaved quiet canines. We are very pleased with the results of one quick lesson. Thanks John for making our household a much quieter one. Permalink
Merritt Island | February 27 2010
In just 24 hours, my husband and I have a different dog. The methods, feedback and suggestions Terry provided made an absolutely huge difference with our Tru. We are so very grateful, and Truman is a very relieved, happy, confident boy (and just loves his new place in the pack). Thank you! :) Permalink
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Naples | February 27 2010
Simple instructions make such a difference! Permalink
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Fort Myers | February 27 2010
Patrick explained the techniques extremely well. Additionally, he explained the logic behind them, which made it very easy to comprehend and apply. My dogs (three of them) comprehended the guttural BAHHHH tones and the high-pitched ones to differentiate between corrections and praise. The natural training techniques made sense. Understanding pack mentality is key to training dogs from a human perception of relating as a dog. The lesson was very enjoyable, and I learned a lot. Patrick is an excellent communicator/therapist. He should be commended for doing such fine work. I think many dog owners are equally frustrated with unwanted behaviors, but do not understand pack behavior or dog communication. They may also not understand appropriate techniques (but Bark Busters can fix that). Permalink
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Canby | February 27 2010
Amazing results in such a short amount of time. As long as we stick with training like we should, I have no doubt of great success with Dakota. THANK YOU!! Permalink
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Chino | February 26 2010
Our lab, Abby, would whine and cry when she saw other animals and was horrible to walk. It was amazing to see how fast the training worked. Abby started behaving better within the first few minutes of working with Wendy. After our first lesson walking, Abby was much more enjoyable and she could walk past other animals without whining. Wendy is very patient and positive with the dog and the owners. It is a pleasure to work with her. Permalink
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Broad Brook | February 25 2010
Scot was wonderful explaining the idea behind pack behavior to me and my children. I absolutely noticed results by the end of training. The dogs responded to all of us almost immediately. It continues today. I love the idea of educating the owners so to better understand the dogs. No treats-No physical punishing. I was totally enlightened to the psychology behind the pack behavior/instincts. I have already recommended Bark Busters to three friends. The techniques and education are the FULL PACKAGE of training. Permalink
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Collegeville | February 25 2010
Jeri has been very helpful and enjoyable to work with. Permalink